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Discontinued Product

Wholesale Solar no longer offers the Four Star Solar Outback Radian 8,000 watt w/ 2 MidNite Classic 150s
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Four Star Solar Outback Radian 8,000 watt w/ 2 MidNite Classic 150s

Product Information

Model Part # Output Watts Battery Bank
Size & Weight Price
Four Star Solar Outback Radian 8,000 watt w/ 2 MidNite Classic 150s14403218000W48VDC2x MidNite Solar Classic 150 MPPT Charge Controller66 × 44 × 9 in
228.275 lbs


Uninterrupted power
This pre-wired, tested Radian Inverter System is unique to the renewable energy market because it combines both off-grid and grid-tie capabilities into one piece of equipment. As with most any grid-tied system, it will allow you to sell excess power that your solar panels generate back to the utility company, but you’ll also have the added security of a back up system, if you choose.

The 8,000-watt Radian Inverter Center will:

  • Protect you from utility power outages.
  • Give you a return on your investment with its grid-tied net-metering capabilities (in areas where grid-tied power and net metering programs are available).
  • Be expandable, allowing up to 10 Radian Inverters to be connected in parallel for up to 80,000 watts of power.
  • Accommodate up to 4kW of solar panels.
  • Accommodate even more solar panels by adding additional charge controllers. Each FM80 Charge Controller will accommodate 4 kW of solar panels. We also offer this inverter system with two charge controllers instead of one.
  • Give you the choice of starting out with an “off-grid” system and expand it to use its grid-tied capabilities, if a utility company is accessible, or vice versa.
  • Be simple, easy and safe to install.

Call us at (1-800-472-1142) to find out if this solar power system is right for you. Wholesale Solar will custom design any system to match your particular application.


This power center now comes with a full 5-Year Warranty on parts and labor.
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Features & Attributes

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 66 × 44 × 9 inches
  • Weight: 228.275 lbs
  • Simple and safe installation.
  • Clearly labeled connection points for AC and DC input and output.
  • Fully assembled and tested by experienced factory trained technicians.
  • All required internal cables, connectors, brackets, and breakers.
  • Will take power from solar panels, wind power, or generators.
  • The capacity to add up to 4 kW of solar panels.
  • A safe NEC compliant design.
  • Ability to expand up to 80,000 watts.
  • Dimensions:
  • Inverter: 28 x 16 x 8.7''
  • Load Center: 17''x 16" x 8.5''
  • Charge controller: 16.25''x 5.75''x 4''
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About Four Star Solar

Four Star Solar was developed from decades of experience in off-grid solar system design to provide sophisticated solutions for off-grid solar power users. Experts in battery-based power, we bring off-grid solar into the New Millennium with inverter systems and backup power appliances that are safe and elegant. Four Star Solar products simplify installation of off-grid solar power and reduce risk of costly errors. Back to Top

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