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Four Star Solar Backup Power Central 4400, 240VAC

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Product Information

Model Part No. # of Batteries Watt Hours Solar Panels Price
Four Star Solar Backup Power Central 4400, 240VAC14408318 Crown 6CRV220, 220Ah 6V Battery10,560Optional Add On

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The Four Star Solar 4,400 Backup Kit has your back in a blackout!

Let's face it, when the grid goes down your life slows to a crawl: 

  • No lights
  • No phone
  • No refrigeration
  • No computers
  • No home business

Stop getting left in the dark!

Simply install the Four Star 4,400 Backup Kit and you're ready to go when the utility grid is knocked out or unstable. Just decide which loads you want to run and you're back in business. This emergency Backup Power System is a must-have during hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters!  If managed carefully, this system will run for days while powering up your:

  • Lighting
  • Cell phones
  • Well pump
  • Refrigerator
  • Internet
  • Security alarm

Not appropriate for: Air-conditioning, heating or agricultural irrigation pumps.

Seamless electrical coverage

This 240-volt backup power unit incorporates an inverter that monitors the grid for disruptions. When the grid goes down or is disconnected, the inverter switches to battery backup in less than a second, keeping your critical loads online until the grid comes back.  The battery banks of the Four Star Solar Backup 4,400 can be charged with grid electricity, or by generator, or by solar with the addition of a charge controller and solar panels. The system can also be expanded by adding additional batteries. See Battery Options below.

Our Backup Power Central 4400 is designed to be permanently installed and hard-wired into your household breaker panel. A licensed electrician will be needed for installation of the backup system and critical circuit sub-panel.

Add solar panels, qualify for the Federal Tax Credit

Easily add solar panels with our Solar Panel Add-on Options below. Adding solar panels expands the capacity of your backup power system and qualifies the whole purchase for a 30% federal tax credit. 

This is essentially a small offgrid power system with 240 VAC output. Read our Load Evaluation Worksheet to understand how to determine which critical loads you will be able to power. If you need to expand capacity you can add more solar panels and batteries, and those will qualify for an additional tax credit.

Add battery backup to existing grid-tied systems with Morningstar’s TriStar 600v Controller

Four Star Solar’s Backup 4400 can be easily connected to a grid-tied PV system with the addition of Morningstar’s TS-MPPT-60-600V-48-DB-TR charge controller. This controller is designed to accept input from a grid-tied 600v string inverter such as those available from SMA and Fronius, providing the ability to recharge batteries from your grid-tied solar array during a power outage. Ideal for retrofitting battery backup onto any grid-tied string inverter system.

With the addition of solar panels your purchase of this backup power system will qualify for a Federal Tax Credit equal to 30% of the installed cost.Back to Top


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Features & Attributes

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 33.6 × 15.25 × 41.1 inches
  • System Monitor Gives Instant Status and "Percent of Full" Battery Info
  • AC and DC Input Breakers
  • Inverter Bypass Switch Allows Choice of Generator / Grid or Inverter Output
  • Easy to Connect Color Coded Buss Bars for AC and DC Connections
  • Multiple Available Knockouts for Conduit Attachments
  • Single System Grounding Point
  • Fully Assembled and Tested by Experienced Factory Trained Technicians
  • All Required Internal Cables and Connectors
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Magnum Energy MS4448PAE Inverter

Product Manual
Spec. Sheet

Magnum Energy ME-ARC Inverter Remote

Product Manual

MidNite Solar MNSPD-300-AC

Product Manual

Crown 6CRV220, 220Ah 6V Battery

Spec. Sheet
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About Four Star Solar

Four Star Solar was developed from decades of experience in off-grid solar system design to provide sophisticated solutions for off-grid solar power users. Experts in battery-based power, we bring off-grid solar into the New Millennium with inverter systems and backup power appliances that are safe and elegant. Four Star Solar products simplify installation of off-grid solar power and reduce risk of costly errors. Back to Top

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