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Discontinued Product

Wholesale Solar no longer offers the Unisolar US64 Solar Panel

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Unisolar US64 Solar Panel

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  • Durable
  • Exceptional low-light performance

Product Information

Model Part No. Watts Amps Volts Size & Weight Price
Unisolar US64 Solar Panel190064164W3.88A54 × 30 × 1 in
24 lbs


Each UNI-SOLAR solar electric module utilizes Triple-Junction silicon solar cells.The cells are made using a roll-to-roll deposition process on a continuous roll of stainless steel sheet metal.The result is a unique, flexible, light-weight cell.

The modules are exceptionally durable.They are encapsulated in UV stabilized polymers and framed with anodized aluminum. A coated Galvalume steel backing plate provides stiffness. The polymer encapsulation includes EVA and fluoropolymer ETFE.

Bypass diodes are connected across each cell, allowing the modules to produce power even when partially shaded. Each module (US-32, 42, 64) has a weather resistant junction box designed to accept 1/2" conduit.

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Unisolar US64 Solar Panel

Spec. Sheet
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About Unisolar

United Solar Ovonic (Unisolar) of Auburn Hills, Michigan is no longer in business. The US manufacturer of flexible thin-film modules was taken down when its parent company, Energy Conversion Devices (ECD), filed for bankruptcy itself yesterday. ECD president Julian Hawkins says the subsidiary also had to file for bankruptcy because the Group's financial position would prevent Unisolar from making the investments necessary for future business.

On August 28, 2012, United Solar Ovonic Corp. went out of business as per its Chapter 11 liquidation filing under bankruptcy. United Solar Ovonic Corp. manufactures thin-film amorphous silicon alloy multi-junction solar cells and related products. Its products are used for residential and industrial building-integrated photovoltaic roofing systems. United Solar Ovonic Corp. was formerly known as United Solar Systems Corp. The company was founded in 1990 and is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It has manufacturing facilities in Auburn Hills and Greenville, Michigan; Tijuana, Mexico; and a joint venture manufacturing operation in Tianjin, China. United Solar Ovonic Corp. operates as a subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.

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