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Discontinued Product

Wholesale Solar no longer offers the Sanyo (now Panasonic) Sanyo HIT 190BA3 190 watt Solar Panel Solar Panel

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Sanyo (now Panasonic) Sanyo HIT 190BA3 190 watt Solar Panel Solar Panel

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Sanyo (now Panasonic):
  • Industry-leading efficiency
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing processes

Product Information

Model Part No. Watts Amps Volts Size & Weight Price
Sanyo (now Panasonic) Sanyo HIT 190BA3 190 watt Solar Panel Solar Panel1901903190W3.47A54.8VDC35 × 1.8 × 52 in
30.9 lbs


Introducing the Sanyo 190BA3 190-watt solar panel.

These new Sanyo panels are highly efficient at converting sunlight to electricity. One of the key assets of this Sanyo module is its ability to produce an average of 10% more energy than conventional crystalline silicon solar panels at the same temperature. 

Rated UL 1703 for wind, hail and fire, the Sanyo 190BA3 solar panels are tough.

This Sanyo model is one of the lightest weight panels in the solar industry. Sanyo takes an environmentally conscientious step farther by packing these panels in eco-packaging to help cut down on the overall waste.

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Features & Attributes

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 35 × 1.8 × 52 inches
  • Weight: 30.9 lbs
  • 190 Watts
  • Cell Efficiency 18.8%
  • Module Efficiency 16.4%
  • 5 Years Workmanship
  • 20 Years Power Output
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Sanyo (now Panasonic) Sanyo HIT 190BA3 190 watt Solar Panel Solar Panel

Spec. Sheet
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About Sanyo (now Panasonic)

Panasonic/Sanyo’s goal is to use its unique technological resources to propose global solutions for life and the earth.

Sanyo solar panels

Panasonic/Sanyo began research and development on Amorphous Silicon Thin Film technology in 1975 and on Single Crystalline Silicon in 1990. Panasonic/Sanyo combined these two technologies to produce a hybrid technology—HIT—their own proprietary design. HIT stands for Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer.

Panasonic/Sanyo’s solar panels boast high conversion efficiency ranging from 15.3 to 16.4, excellent temperature characteristics, and considerable output under diffuse and low light conditions.

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Sanyo Hit Solar Panels
With their eye always on environmental impact, Panasonic/Sanyo uses less energy and silicon to produce HIT solar cells because they are made at lowered temperatures. While HIT solar cells are manufactured at 200° C during the p-n junction process, crystalline silicon solar cells are produced at 900° degrees.

Panasonic/Sanyo’s production sites are located in Japan, Canada, Mexico and Germany. As of October 2009, their silicon wafers have come from California and Oregon. Panasonic/Sanyo’s solar panels are assembled in an ISO 9001 (quality), 14001 (environment), and 18001 (safety) certified factory. Unique eco-packaging minimizes cardboard waste at the job site.

Panasonic/Sanyo panels have a limited 20-year power output and a 5-year product workmanship warranty.

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