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Discontinued Product

Wholesale Solar no longer offers the Pre-Wired VFX3648 Outback Flexware 7,200 watt 48VDC input 240VAC output Solar Power Center Power Center

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Pre-Wired VFX3648 Outback Flexware 7,200 watt 48VDC input 240VAC output Solar Power Center Power Center

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Product Information

Model Part # Output Watts Battery Bank
Pre-Wired VFX3648 Outback Flexware 7,200 watt 48VDC input 240VAC output Solar Power Center Power Center25648827200WSold separatelyCALL


This Outback flexware power solar power center, assembled and tested by Wholesale Solar, can provide up to 7,200 watts of AC Sinewave power in a compact affordable package that includes a communications Hub, a MATE3 control and programming module and is easy to install. 

It can be wired with useful options like an Outback MPPT controller, a FlexNet system monitor and a generator start module for automatic generator starting.

These pre-wired Outback inverter systems are so easy for your installer to put up that you save time and money!

  • Simple, Safe Installation
  • 2  Outback VFX3648, 3.6 kW, 48V Inverter
  • 1  Outback HUB-4 Communication Manager
  • 1  Outback MATE3 Remote Monitor & control
  • 1  OutBack RTS - Remote Temp Sensor
  • Expandable
  • Outback Flexware AC and DC Breaker Boxes and Mounting Plate 
  • AC and DC Input Breakers 
  • Additional Breaker Space for DIN rail AC Breakers 
  • Additional DC Face Mount Breaker Space 
  • AC and DC Lightning Protection 
  • Inverter Bypass Switch Allows Choice of Generator / Grid or Inverter Output 
  • Generous Space Inside for Additional Optional Equipment Such as X-240 transformer or Flexnet-DC
  • Easy to Connect Color Coded Buss Bars for AC and DC Connections 
  • Multiple Available Knockouts for Conduit Attachments 
  • Single System Grounding Point 
  • Clearly Labeled Connection Points for AC and DC Input and Output 
  • Fully Assembled and Tested by Experienced Factory Trained Technicians 
  • All Required Internal Cables and Connectors
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