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Discontinued Product

Wholesale Solar no longer offers the Southwest Windpower Whisper Link 1000W

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Southwest Windpower Whisper Link 1000W

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Southwest Windpower:
  • AIR wind turbine lineup has been acquired by Primus Windpower
  • One of America's largest manufacturers of small wind turbines

Product Information

Model Part No. Volts(DC) Watts Start-up Wind Speed (mph) Monthly Output (kWh) @ 12-13.4 mph price
Southwest Windpower Whisper Link 1000W49204821000WCALL


Enjoy the benefits of utility power while reducing your electric bill every time the wind blows! It’s been a dream of many homeowners and now it is possible. The Whisper Link 1000 Watt system will reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bill.

It can be installed in an afternoon and depending on your wind speed, a Whisper Grid Tie system will significantly reduce or even eliminate your monthly electrical bill.

The Whisper Link centers around the Whisper 200 wind turbine—the world's best selling 1000 watt wind generator. Designed for low to moderate wind speeds, the 2.7 meter (9 feet) rotor diameter will provide up to 200 Kwh per month in as little as a 12 mph average wind (sea level estimate). Three moving parts minimize component wear to achieve years of maintenance free operation. Only annual inspection of the system is required. Bearings are permanently sealed, with nothing to grease, no gear oil to replace or batteries to maintain.

The Whisper Link controller provides overload protection between the Whisper 200 and the SMA Windy boy Inverter.

The Whisper 200 uses a patented side furling design that allows the alternator and blades to passively turn out when the winds are gusting. As the wind decreases the alternator returns to its original position.

The Whisper Link utilizes SMA's Windy Boy Inverter to complete the system. The Windy Boy Inverter incorporates Peak Power Tracking Technology that optimizes output for maximum efficiency. The windy Boy eliminates the necessity for cumbersome and expensive batteris and results in a typical net power increase of up to 20% over battry-connected systems.

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Features & Attributes

  • Installed in an afternoon
  • Includes Whisper 200 Wind Generator and SMA Windy Boy 1800 Inverter
  • Designed for moderate to low wind speeds
  • 200 kWh per month in 12 mph average wind speed
  • Only annual inspection of system is required
  • Overload protection between the Whisper 200 and the SMA Windy Boy Inverter
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Southwest Windpower Whisper Link 1000W

Product Manual
Spec. Sheet
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About Southwest Windpower

Southwest Windpower closed their doors for business on February 20, 2013. They were one of the largest manufacturers of small wind turbines in the United States.

XZERES Corp. designer, manufacturer and marketer of small (2.5 – 10kW) wind powered, distributed energy turbines and other renewable energy products, has acquired the assets of Southwest Windpower. The assets include Southwest Windpower’s award-winning Skystream product line and next-generation Skystream product designs, related IP portfolio, manufacturing assets, and inventory.

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