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Discontinued Product

Wholesale Solar no longer offers the LORENTZ PS600 BADU TOP 12 Solar pump

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LORENTZ PS600 BADU TOP 12 Solar pump

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Product Information

Model Part No. Price
LORENTZ PS600 BADU TOP 12 Solar pump7864510


PS600 BADU TOP 12 Surface Pump System 48 – 72 VDC The PS600 BADU is a centrifugal surface pump that is run on solar power and has a long life expectancy. It is a DC motor that requires no maintenance and is cost efficient. This pump is ideal for water circulation, i.e. irrigation, aquariums, ponds, and pool filter systems. A solar system needs to have a nominal voltage of 48-72 VDC in order for the pump to run. If a battery source is used, a nominal voltage of 48 VDC is needed. The maximum flow rate and maximum lift depends on the power source (solar or battery). See below for desired lift and or flow rate and power neededBack to Top


LORENTZ PS600 BADU TOP 12 Solar pump

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