Wholesale Solar offers special pricing to contractors and solar installers. Read here about how to become a Wholesale Solar dealer.

Find Out if You Qualify to Become a Dealer

Do you qualify for Wholesale Solar's Dealer Pricing?

  • Are you a contractor, electrician, roofer, or solar installer? (Please note: If you intend to sell solar products through a website with a shopping cart and have NO sales technicians on staff to deal with your own customers, we are not able to complete your application.)
  • The average order for our dealers is $10,000 or more. Are you prepared to place orders for two or more complete systems, totaling at least $10,000? (If not, we will not be able to process your application at this time.)
  • Is your business operating within U.S. or Canada?
  • Do you have a strong background in electrical system design?
  • Do you have a working understanding of AC and DC power?
  • Are you insured?
  • If your state or utility requires that solar installers be licensed, are you licensed?

If you answered YES to the above questions, please apply below. Before beginning the process, have your Federal Tax I.D. and license number (if applicable) on hand.

Become a Dealer

Wholesale Solar has three levels of pricing.

One is our excellent retail pricing which you see on our main site. When you compare pricing you will notice that our retail pricing is extremely competitive, allowing start-up solar installers room for profit. Our next two levels of pricing are reserved for dealer/installer/contractors who do repeat business with us.

Online Dealer Application

Wholesale Solar Dealers receive special treatment as well as special pricing!

With Wholesale Solar Dealer Pricing, you can price your systems low enough to profit well from your solar business. As a dealer contractor, you will be able to take advantage of our ability to buy in large quantities and pass on our savings to your customers.

Through our Dealer Center, you will be able to:

Use our new shopping list feature on our website. It will allow you to access dealer pricing throughout our website, add items to a shopping list, and submit it to Wholesale Solar staff for purchase. It works a lot like a shopping cart, and dealers are able to view pricing of their projects easily and right away without making their own spreadsheets. You can also download a price list in a PDF form or in spreadsheet form, if you want to.

Use our web-based project management system. Dealers can store shopping lists by customer or project name for 120 days. A dealer can easily edit these lists and view their own dealer pricing of any in-progress project.

•  Get help with your bids. Speak with the experienced Wholesale Solar staff about which products will work best for your applications. Our sales staff is motivated to help you win your bids....and we want to give you the service that keeps you coming back!

Link to training opportunities.

• Access and use design resources to quickly design and bid competitively on your solar jobs. Our online Dealer Center keeps you organized. Use the design calculators to make it easy to figure your jobs. Sales-pitch information is just a click away....and is easy to email to your customers.

Take advantage of Wholesale Solar’s Plug 'n Play systems.  Wholesale Solar ships pre-wired, pre-tested inverter/disconnect systems directly from our warehouse that are super easy to install. We've taken high quality products, put them together in the right configuration and PRETESTED them. We've already done hundreds of systems like the ones you need. The systems you order will work correctly the first time!

Tell your customers that you provide the highest quality components. If products are not up to snuff, we drop them from our line.

Let our website educate your customers on what to expect. Our site is a great educational resource. Let it do your selling for you..... Your customers will see retail pricing, not your pricing. And they won't see your competitors.

Take advantage of Wholesale Solar’s excellent web ranking.
Because we do business all across America, we can and will refer homeowners who need installers to you!

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