Choosing the right inverter for Submersible pump applications.

Inverter Sizing For Submersible Pump Applications
One of the most vital uses of a home power system is to power a water well pump. A pump can be a real power hog! Conventional pumps require a high surge of current in order to start. The entire circuit, from batteries to inverter to pump, must be sized to handle the starting surge at the same time as other loads. Otherwise, the inverter will shut down. Use the following chart as a guide to inverter sizing- we recommend Magnum inverters for pumping applications. This chart doesn't account for any additional loads.


Using Solar Power to Power Your Well

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HP of Pump
Average Surge Watts
Recommended Inverter

* Typical running power is 10-20% less, but add 10% for typical inverter loss.

Most well pumps require 220/240VAC. For these we recommend the Magnum MS-PAE inverters. If all of this is too expensive for your situation, consider replacing it with a lower power pump, carefully selected for the best efficiency (watts per gallon). You can also consider an intermediary storage tank with a DC pressurizing pump. The use of a storage tank will relieve your well pump from the need to start every time the pressure runs low (many times per day). You can pump into the storage tank just once or twice per week, and then use a DC pump to supply the water pressure as needed (or use gravity flow, if feasible). See DC Pressurizing Pumps for Domestic Water Supply and Irrigation. You may also be able to change to a lower power well pump, even a DC well pump, after this step is taken because less pressure and less flow will be required from the well pump.
To eliminate voltage dips when the pump turns on, oversize the inverter by an additional 50% minimum plus the watts capacity required to handle other household loads at the same time.

If the pump is a "two-wire" type (having no control box), oversize the inverter by an additional 50%. A two-wire pump may not always work on a modified sine inverter.

At Wholesale Solar, we will be happy to help find the products that are right for you. Call us with your pump's electrical specs for help sizing a solar system appropriate for it. 1 (800) 472-1142
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