Energy Efficient Appliances by Peerless Premier, Sun Frost, Servel, Staber and Sun-Mar. Energy Efficient Gas Ranges, Composting Toilets, Refrigerators, Washing Machines and Solar Fans.

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Refrigerator Freezers

Wholesale Solar carries energy efficient appliances of all kinds, including refrigerators, freezers, and washers, as well as gas ranges, composting toilets and freezers for vaccine storage. We offer products from Sun Frost, Servel, Staber, Sun-Mar and Peerless Premier. Please browse through our selection below and give us a call if you need more information.

Refrigerators and Freezers
Model Part Number Size (H"xW"xD") Average Daily Energy Use (Watt/hrs) Weight (lbs.)
Energy Efficient Refrigerators
5901930 66x34.5x27.75 350 167 CALL
5901830 66x34.5x27.75 350 167 CALL
5901030 43.5x34.5x27.75 190 215 CALL
5901130 43.5x34.5x27.75 190 215 CALL
5900430 31.5x34.5x27.75 100 160 CALL
5910430 31.5x34.5x27.75 100 160 CALL
Energy Efficient Freezers
5911930 66x34.5x27.75 1250 320 CALL
5910930 66x34.5x27.75 1250 320 CALL
5911030 43.5x34.5x27.75 690 215 CALL
5911130 43.5x34.5x27.75 690 215 CALL
Energy Efficient Vaccine Storage
5900030 31.5x34.5x27.75 1700 160 CALL
5900130 31.5x34.5x27.75 1700 160 CALL
Energy Efficient Refrigerators/Freezers
5921930 66x34.5x27.75 350 167 CALL
5920930 66x34.5x27.75 350 167 CALL
5901630 62.5x34.5x27.75 490 300 CALL
5900169 62.5x34.5x27.75 490 300 CALL
5912129 49.5x34.5x27.75 300 320 CALL
5901230 49.5x34.5x27.75 300 320 CALL

SolarlandDC Solar Fan
Model Part Number Size
9433216 8.27 x 8.27 x 7.09 9.92 CALL







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"We have used these energy efficient appliances in our own homes and loved them."

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