Four Star Solar 2,000-watt Emergency battery Backup Power for home or business.

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Four Star Solar
Model: Four Star Backup 2000
Brand: Four Star Solar
Product Type: Emergency Battery Backup for Home & Business
Magnum Energy
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Assembled, wired and tested by Four Star Solar, this Four Star Backup 2000 unit incorporates an inverter that monitors the grid. If the grid goes down or is disconnected, it will switch to battery backup in less than a second, keeping your critical loads online (powered by batteries) until the grid comes back. Great source of emergency backup power for hurricane season!

The heart of the Four Star Backup 2000 is a Magnum MS2012 2,000 watt sinewave inverter. The system comes with four (4) 200 aH UPG batteries. Also included are Magnum Battery monitor, battery enclosure with two shelves, all necessary battery interconnects and terminal caps.

Exterior 120v Plug and breaker
This simple backup system includes an AC plug, which allows you to plug an extension cord or appliance directly into the unit for quick restoration of power to specific items. The battery bank can be charged with grid electricity (while it is available), or by generator or solar panels when the grid is down.

This is essentially a small offgrid power system. Read Load Evaluation Worksheet to understand how to determine which critical loads you will be able to power. If you need to expand capacity you can add more solar panels and batteries, and those will qualify for an additional tax credit, too!

Use the Four Star Solar’s 120 volt battery backup system to charge cell phones, run lights or the TV, 120-volt adapter fans sump pumps or your server. If sized carefully you could power a refrigerator and/or entertainment centers.

Four Star 2000 Back Up System
The Four Star Back up 2000 includes four 200 Ah UPG batteries.

Exterior Cabinet Dimensions:
41.1" tall X 33.6" wide X 15.25" deep

Interior Cabinet Dimensions:
31-7/8" X 12-3/4" shelf dimensions
13-1/8" max height

If you add even one solar panel to this system, it will qualify for a Federal Tax Credit equal to 30% of the installed cost.
Components / Features
  • Backup Power Model
    Watt Hours Inverter Output Volts # of Batteries Dimensions of MNBE-D Enclosure in Inches: Power Supply Part Number
    Four Star Solar Backup 2000
    4,800 2,000 watts 12 4 UPG UB-GC2 AGM Batteries Exterior:
    41.1 tall X 33.6 wide X 15.25 deep
    Grid or Generator or
    Solar Panels
  • Item Quantity Description Downloads
    Inverter 1 Magnum Energy MS2012
    Spec. Sheet
    Owner's Manual
    Batteries 4 UPG UB-GC2 AGM Spec. Sheet
    Inverter Remote 1 Magnum Energy ME-RC 50 Spec. Sheet
    Surge Suppressor 1 MidNite Solar MNSPD300 Owner's Manual
    Battery Monitor 1 Magnum Energy ME-BMK - No Shunt Spec. Sheet
    Owner's Manual
    Battery Enclosure 1 Magnum Energy MNBE-D- White Owner's Manual
    • System Monitor Gives Instant Status and "Percent of Full" Battery Info
    • AC and DC Input Breakers
    • Inverter Bypass Switch Allows Choice of Generator / Grid or Inverter Output
    • Easy to Connect Color Coded Buss Bars for AC and DC Connections
    • Multiple Available Knockouts for Conduit Attachments
    • Single System Grounding Point
    • Fully Assembled and Tested by Experienced Factory Trained Technicians
    • All Required Internal Cables and Connectors
  • Auto Generator Start Add On
    System Part Number
    Add Solar Panels for 30% tax credit
    Model Part Number
  • Infographic
    Battery Backup Infographic
  • Main Component Specifications
    Magnum MS2012 Inverter Specs.
    MS2012 Specs
    GC2 Specs
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