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Get the 30 percent Federal tax credit on your backup system when you add solar panels.

Four Star Solar
Model: 200-watt, 280-watt, 380-watt Solar Add On
Brand: Four Star Solar, Solarland, Kyocera, Eoplly
Product Type: Solar Add-on for Back Up Power
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Item: Back up Package Price:
9201001 200-watt Solar Add On
1057245 280-watt Solar Add On
1057244 380-watt Solar Add On
Call Wholesale Solar at 1-800-472-1142 for current price.

Adding solar power to your backup system is easy with Wholesale Solar's Four Star Solar Add-on packages. Designed specifically for our Four Star Back up Packages. they come with two mono-crystalline Astronergy solar panels and the needed UL Listed connectors. This is easy, affordable energy independence!

Adding Solar Qualifies Your Backup System for the 30% Federal Tax Credit. The good news is that your battery backup system for your existing gridtie solar system will qualify for the 30% Federal tax credit as long as you include at least one solar panel. �This is true even if you have already used the Federal Tax Credit for your main system.

The addition of solar panels to your back-up power system will allow you to re-charge your battery bank when power lines are down or when obtaining gasoline for a gas generator is impossible or undesirable. In hurricane areas, adding solar to your emergency back-up power could be a necessity.

Contact one of our experienced sales technicians at (1-800-472-1142 or for more information on adding solar to your back up system. Wholesale Solar will also taylor systems for your specific needs.

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Battery Add On
Each solar add-on package includes different parts. Please see below.

30% Federal Tax Credit
Sales on solar power components

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to order:

Components for the 200-watt Solar Add-on Package

Components for the 280-watt Solar Add-on Package

Components for the 380-watt Solar Add-on Package

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