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About Astronergy Solar


Key Points:

Astronergy Solar was founded in October of 2006 as a subsidiary of the Chint group. Headquartered in the Zhejiang province of China, Astronergy specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of solar modules. The company is represented worldwide, with offices in Germany, Spain, Australia, Korea, and U.S headquarters in Los Angeles. In February of 2010, Astronergy was the only company in the photovoltaic industry to receive the "China outstanding Enterprise of the Year Award".

Astronergy has taken the lead in the development of thin film modules by engineering cells with a stabilized conversion efficiency of more than 9 percent. The company is well known for producing superior mono-crystalline modules in the 75- to 240- watt range, and poly-crystalline modules in the 190 to 275- watt range.

Astronergy is the first company in Mainland China to use the Manufacturing Execution System in solar cell production, setting new quality control standards in module production. Solar cells are initially sorted by power range. In order to minimize losses caused by electrical mismatch, they are further sorted and grouped by the current they produce. Astronergy solar modules are thoroughly tested before and after the lamination process to ensure quality and performance standards, and the entire manufacturing process is strictly monitored using statistical data, in fully automated, state-of-the-art facilities.

Astronergy's crystalline modules have recently passed a series of salt and mist corrosion tests in accordance with IEC 61701 standards at Intertek. To date, only three module manufacturers, including Astronergy, have announced the passing of these tests. Intertek is an international provider of quality and safety standardization services, and are highly regarded by European and international customers.

Astronergy Solar Panels

Key Points


Wholesale Solar offers a wide range of efficient and reliable Astronergy monocrystalline PV modules with output ranging from 95W-310W and applicable to a wide array of photovoltaic projects. Astronergy polycrystalline modules have output ranging from 145W-305W.

ModelPart No.WattsAmpsVoltsWeightPrice
Astronergy Astronergy 250 watt Module Silver MC4 CHSM6610P-250 - 40mm Black Frame Solar Panel1970252250W8.27A30.3VDC42.9lbsCALL
Astronergy Astronergy 250 watt Module Black Frame/Black Backsheet CHSM6610PBL-250 - 40mm Solar Panel1970253250W8.27A30.3VDC42.9lbsCALL
Astronergy Astronergy 235 watt Module Silver MC4 CHSM6610P-235 Solar Panel1977235235W8.06A29.16VDC44lbsCALL
Astronergy Astronergy CHSM 6610P 240- watt solar panel Solar Panel1977240240W8.13A29.54VDC44lbsCALL
Astronergy Astronergy's CHSM 6612M black on black 230-watt solar panel Solar Panel1977243230W7.93A29.03VDC44lbsCALL
Astronergy Astronergy 245 watt Module Silver MC4 CHSM6610P-245 Solar Panel1977245245W8.2A29.92VDC44lbs$258.00
Astronergy Astronergy 275 watt Module Silver MC4 CHSM6612P-275 Solar Panel1977275275W7.76A35.6VDC51.7lbsCALL
Astronergy Astronergy 280 watt Module Silver MC4 CHSM6612P-280 Solar Panel1977280280W7.9A35.53VDC51.7lbsCALL
Astronergy Astronergy 285 watt Module Silver MC4 CHSM6612P-285 Solar Panel1977285285W8.04A35.66VDC51.7lbs$280.00
Astronergy Astronergy 290 watt Module Silver MC4 CHSM6612P-290 Solar Panel1977290290W8.04A35.66VDC51.7lbsCALL
Subcategory: Mono
Astronergy Astronergy 190 watt Mono Module Black MC4 CHSM5612M-190 Solar Panel1972190190W5.17A36.74VDC34.1lbsCALL
Astronergy Astronergy 95 watt Mono Module Solar Panel197709595W5.12A18.5VDC22lbsCALL
Subcategory: Pallet Poly
Astronergy CHSM6612P-305 Silver Poly Pallet (20) of Solar Panels18900066100W8.53A35.77VDC51.7lbsCALL
Astronergy CHSM6610P-260 Silver Poly Pallet (25) of Solar Panels18900316500W8.39A31.05VDC1072.5lbs
Astronergy CHSM6612P-310 Silver Poly Pallet (20) of Solar Panels19773116200W8.68A35.8VDC51.7lbsCALL
Astronergy ASM6612P-315 Silver Poly Pallet (20) of Solar Panels19774116300W8.8A35.83VDC1084lbs
Subcategory: Poly
Astronergy Astronergy 250 watt Module Silver MC4 CHSM6610P-250 Solar Panel1970250250W8.7A30.3VDC44lbsCALL
Astronergy CHSM6610P-255 Black Poly Solar Panel1970254255W6.9A30.68VDC41.8lbsCALL
Astronergy CHSM6610P-255 Silver Poly Solar Panel1970255255W8.33A30.68VDC42.9lbsCALL
Astronergy CHSM6610P-260 Silver Poly Solar Panel1970260260W8.39A31.05VDC42.9lbs
Astronergy CHSM6612P-295 Silver Solar Panel1977296295W8.3A35.72VDC51.7lbs
Less than 2 left!
Astronergy Astronergy 300 watt Module Silver MC4 Solar Panel1977300300W8.4A35.74VDC51.7lbsCALL
Astronergy Astronergy 305 watt Module Silver MC4 CHSM6612P-305 Solar Panel1977305305W8.53A35.77VDC51.7lbs
Astronergy CHSM6612P-310 Silver Poly Solar Panel1977310310W8.68A35.8VDC51.7lbsCALL
Astronergy ASM6612P-315 Silver Poly Solar Panel1977410315W8.8A35.83VDC51.8lbs

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