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About Fullriver

Key Points

  • Industry-competitive capacity and cycle life


Fullriver Deep Cycle AGM Batteries

Fullriver batteries offer the best value on the market today. Fullriver engineers met their goal of designing a Deep Cycle VRLA battery with the highest possible reserve capacity, longest cycle life and low internal resistance, while achieving superior cranking performance. The Fullriver DC Series batteries are the smart choice for demanding recreational and industrial deep discharge applications.

More power over more life cycles

Deep Cycle batteries are designed to be deeply discharged and recharged hundreds of times. They are designed and built differently than automotive starting batteries. They use more lead, heavier plates and other proprietary materials that enable them to deliver more power and capacity over many life cycles. When used in renewable energy applications these batteries carry a full 7-year warranty.

Non-hazardous, maintenance-free performance

Deep Cycle batteries are used in many applications including: boats, RVs, solar and wind power, electric vehicles, and many more. Fullriver's DC Series batteries provide the performance and life of a true deep cycle battery with all the convenience and benefits of being maintenance-free & non-hazardous.

Key Points

  • Positive and negative plates in leadtincalcium alloy
  • Separators in low resistance microporous glass fiber.The electrolyte is absorbed within this material,preventing acid spills in case of accidental damage
  • Case and lid in ABS material, highly resistant to shock and vibration
  • Terminal with brass insert for maximum conductivity and with high compression grommet tor long life
  • Self-regulating pressure relief valve prevents ingress of atmospheric oxygen


The Fullriver Deep Cycle battery uses a different chemistry for the plates'active paste material,and a slightly stronger acid. This chemistry allows for a much longer life in deep cycle applications with only a slight reduction in maximum power output.

Fullriver Batteries

ModelPart No.VoltageAmp HoursTypeWarrantyPrice
Subcategory: AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)
Fullriver DC250-6 AGM Battery99494596VDC250AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)7 years
Fullriver DC400-6 AGM Battery99494676VDC415AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)7 years for batteries
Fullriver DC1150-2 AGM Battery Battery99494682VDC1150AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)7 years for batteries
Fullriver DC210-12 AGM Battery994946912VDC210AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)7 years

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