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About Samlex


Samlex America is a leading manufacturer and distributor of power conversion products to over 90 countries around the globe.  Founded in 1991, SamlexAmerica operates factories and assembly facilities in Europe, Asia, and North America.  Samlex offers inverters from 120 to 3,500 watts, along with a variety of battery chargers and communications converters.

The Samlex "ST" series pure sine wave inverters feature powerful microprocessors, and a built-in transfer switch capable of driving highly reactive and capacitive loads.  They are capable of working with systems ranging from 12 to 48 volts in input range and feature overload, short circuit, over-temperature, under and over voltage protections. Samlex also offers several rugged models designed for large-scale commercial and industrial applications.  The “Soleil" series of inverters offer the best price to performance ratio for grid-tied PV inverters on the market.  These highly interactive units incorporate the latest DSP power conversion technologies.  The company stands behind its products with solid warranties and is known for its high level of customer service.

Samlex Charge Controllers

ModelPart No.Battery Bank
Voltage (Volts DC)
Max Current Output
Per Controller
Samlex TN-1500-112 Samlex Inverter & Charge Controller Charge Controller5970973CALL

Samlex Charge Controller Accessories

ModelPart No.Price
Samlex IDC-360B-12 Communications Converters5910773$290.00

Samlex Inverters

ModelPart No.WattsInput
Samlex PST-60S-24A Samlex 600 watts pure sinewave inverter. Inverter2971325$221.45
Samlex PSE-12175A Samlex Inverter Inverter5930373CALL
Samlex The Samlex PSE-12275A 12VDC is a high efficiency modified sine-wave DC-AC inverter that converts 12 Volts DC (Nominal) to 2750 watts of AC power at 120 Volts, 60 Hz. Inverter5930473CALL
Samlex PST-100S-12A Samlex Inverter Inverter5970273$480.00
Samlex Samlex PST-200S-12A 2,000-watt 12VDC/120VAC Inverter Inverter5970473CALL
Samlex S-1012A Samlex Inverter Inverter5971173CALL
Samlex Samlex S-2024A 2,000-watt 24VDC/120VAC Inverter-Charger Inverter5971473CALL
Samlex Samlex Invercharge S-3024A 24VDC 3,000 watt Sinewave Inverter5971573CALL
Subcategory: Grid Tie
Samlex Soleil 2000-120 Samlex Inverter Inverter2220073CALL
Subcategory: Off Grid
Samlex SAM-2000-12 2000w 12v Inverter29200732000W12VDC115VACPure sine waveCALL
Samlex VR 12VDC 2,000 watts Modified Sinewave Inverter59309732000W12VDC115VACModified sine wave

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