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Sharp was founded nearly a century ago in Japan and has been at the forefront of solar technology for fifty of those years. The vision of their founder, Tokuji Hayakawa was that "Sharp makes products that others want to imitate."

Sharp began mass production of solar cells in the sixties when they constructed a 225-watt generating facility for a lighthouse, the world's largest solar power system at the time. Sharp began developing solar cells for use in outer space in 1960. At present, Sharp is still the only company in Japan authorized to provide solar cells to JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

With so much experience behind them, it's no wonder Sharp produces such high quality solar panels. Sharp's solar panels are built to withstand the most rigorous operating conditions while still offering high power output. Their proprietary innovation in surface texturing of panels increases their light absorption yielding high efficiency ratings.

Manufactured in Memphis, Sharp solar panels are made for commercial, residential grid-tie roof systems or for arrays mounted on the ground. They come with 25-year limited warranty and are UL listed.

Sharp Solar Panels

ModelPart No.WattsAmpsVoltsWeightPrice
Sharp Sharp ND-L240QCJ 240-watt solar panel Solar Panel1157006CALL
Sharp Sharp ND-162U1F 162 watt solar module, Poly Framed, Clear Solar Panel130018936.4lbsCALL
Sharp Sharp 187 ND-187U1F Solar Panel Solar Panel1300269CALL
Sharp Sharp 170 NE-170UC1 Solar Panel Solar Panel1301029CALL
Sharp Sharp 140 watt Solar Panel ND-N0ECU Solar Panel130142931.96lbsCALL
Sharp Sharp 80 NE-80EJEA Solar Panel Solar Panel130180019lbsCALL
Sharp Sharp 216 ND-216U2 Solar Panel Solar Panel130216646.3lbsCALL
Sharp Sharp ND-224U2 224 watt 24v Solar Panel Solar Panel130224944lbsCALL
Sharp Sharp ND-176U1Y 176W Solar Module Solar Panel1313513CALL
Sharp Sharp NT-180U1 180 watt 24v Solar Panel Solar Panel131801337.5lbsCALL
Sharp Sharp 198 ND-198U1F Solar Panel Solar Panel1319803CALL
Sharp Sharp ND-216UC1 216 watt solar module, interlocking connector Solar Panel1321603CALL
Sharp Pallet (30) Sharp NT-175U1 175 Watt Solar Module, 35.4 Vmp Solar Panel1331750CALL
Sharp NU-U235F1 Sharp Solar Panel Solar Panel1350383CALL
Sharp Sharp ND-72-ERU 72 watt right solar module, triangle Solar Panel135072326.9lbsCALL
Sharp Sharp ND-N2ECUC 142 watt solar module Solar Panel1351429CALL
Sharp Sharp ND-U235F3 235W Solar Module Black frame Solar Panel1352213CALL
Sharp Sharp Ont FIT 235W Solar Module, MC4 Solar Panel1352353CALL
Sharp Sharp ND-224U1F 224 watt 24v Solar Panel Solar Panel138127544.1lbsCALL
Sharp Sharp 224 ND 224UC1 Solar Panel Solar Panel1381285CALL
Sharp Sharp ND-224QCJ 224 watt Solar Module, SMK Solar Panel1381286CALL
Sharp Sharp 230 NU-U230F3 Solar Panel Solar Panel195037344.1lbsCALL
Subcategory: Mono
Sharp Sharp NU-Q240F2 - 240 watt module - SMK connectors Solar Panel1157004240W7.98A30.1VDCCALL
Sharp Sharp NU-Q235F4 Black Monocrystalline Solar Panel Solar Panel1167005CALL
Sharp Sharp 240 NU-U240F2 Solar Panel Solar Panel1324053240W7.89A30.1VDCCALL
Subcategory: Pallet
Sharp Sharp 240 watt Solar Panel Pallet (34 panels) NU-U240F2 of Solar Panels1147011044lbsCALL
Sharp Sharp 240 watt Module Silver SMK Pallet (34 panels) NU-Q240F2 of Solar Panels1147013044lbsCALL
Sharp Sharp 235 watt Module Black SMK Pallet (34 panels) NU-Q235F4 of Solar Panels1147014044lbsCALL
Sharp Sharp ND-235QCJ - 235 watt Poly module - SMK connectors Solar Panel Pallet (34) of Solar Panels1157027044lbsCALL
Subcategory: Poly
Sharp Sharp ND-L235QCJ - 235 watt Poly module - SMK connectors Solar Panel1157007CALL
Sharp ND250QCS Silver Poly Solar Panel1157009250W8.4A29.8VDC41.9lbsCALL

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