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About Zomeworks

Key Points

  • Passive trackers requiring no external power source
  • Decades of experience building trackers and solar mounting brackets
  • Easy to install


Incorporating over two decades of experience with tracker design and more than three decades of innovation of new products, Zomeworks has introduced the F-Series Track Rack™ Passive Solar Tracker to their line of UTR Universal Trackers.

The F-Series is their most popular design. It features an integral early morning rapid return system, is shipped partially assembled, is easy to install, and is module specific.

Simplicity and Elegance:

The sun's heat moves liquid from side to side, allowing gravity to turn the Track Rack™ and follow the sun – no motors, no gears and no controls to fail.


Five standard UTR and UTR-F Track Racks™ fit all common photovoltaic modules.

Easy to Transport:

The Universal Track Rack™ is "knocked down" and packaged in one to four (depending on the size of the rack) easy-to-handle boxes that fit conveniently into a pickup truck.


Zomeworks specializes in racking for PV. The components made by Zomeworks are configured to fit the specific type and number of modules. 

Zomeworks Racking

ModelPart No.Price
Subcategory: Tracker
Zomeworks UTRF 120 Universal Tracker6901222
Zomeworks UTRK 040 Universal Tracker6904022
Zomeworks UTRF 906909022
Zomeworks UTRF 168 Universal Tracker6916822
Zomeworks UTR 020 Universal Tracker6944012