Convert your gridtie solar power system to offgrid with American Gridtie Independence Backup Power. Use the solar panels you've already paid for!

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Grid-tie Solar To Off-Grid Solar
Put your solar panels to work even when the grid goes down!
American Independence 6000 Installation

American Gridtie Independence Battery Backup Power Packages - Pre-wired & Tested Packages

Gridtie solar system owners: Are you ready for off-grid independence? Do you want your current grid-tie solar panel system to support you even when the grid is down? This page is for you!

When the power goes out, your solar array stops working. You have $20,000 worth of solar panels on your roof sitting idle. The American Gridtie Independence Backup Power Packages below change this.

Grid Tie to Off Grid Backup Power Models
Backup Inverter Max Output AC Volts # of Batteries Power Supply Part Number Price
4,400 watts 240 8 UPG UB-GC2 AGM
200 aH 6V Batteries
9600 watt hours
Gridtied Solar Array
or Grid
8,800 watts 240 See Options Gridtied Solar Array
or Grid
13,200 watts 240 See Options Gridtied Solar Array
or Grid

Having a grid-tied solar power system is a great first step to energy independence. But when the grid goes down, no matter how big your system is, you lose power. Grid-tied solar power systems are designed this way because there is nowhere for the power to be stored. Not anymore! When you add a Four Star Solar AC Coupled Independence System to your existing grid-tied system, your family can rest assured that grid disruptions won't disrupt you.

The Four Star Solar Independence Systems include a powerful combination of clean, quiet sinewave inverters combined with plenty of battery storage to get you through blackouts. And as a bonus, the Independence System inverter creates your own "local grid" for your grid-tie system to sync with, putting all of those solar panels to work when you really need them.

It's all safe. The Four Star Solar designers have included a "double failsafe" protection system that won't allow things to get mixed up. When the grid is up, your solar power system continues to power your home and "sell back" to the power company any unused electricity while keeping your batteries full in case of emergency. When there is a power disruption, the Independence System takes over in less than a second and powers your pre-selected loads and manages your solar array to charge batteries from the sun.

With one of these systems in place and careful practice of an energy efficient lifestyle, you are a giant step closer to true energy independence for your family home.

The heart of the American Gridtie Independence 8800 Backup is this Pre-wired and tested Dual Magnum Energy Inverter Power Center.

Here’s how it works using the American Gridtie Independence 4400 as the example. The American Gridtie Independence 4400 system comes fully loaded with a Magnum Energy inverter, pre-wired and tested by Four Star Solar. When the independence 4400 system recognizes a blackout or grid disconnect, it turns on in less than one second to power your backed up load subpanel until proper grid power is restored. Your gridtie solar array also keeps the battery bank charged.

American Independence Grid-tie System

A battery bank for the American Gridtie
Independence Backup 4400 is enclosed in
powder coated steel cabinet with locking door
and two shelves. With the Independence 8800
and 13200 kits, your can choose the appropriate
battery banks and enclosures.

When grid power is interrupted, the sinewave Magnum Energy battery-based inverter seamlessly creates a "local grid" on the house side of your electric meter. It will work with your gridtied solar system to supply power to your critical load subpanel.

The Magnum Energy inverter will continue to operate with full output to keep your off-grid subpanel loads running. As soon as the grid power returns and stabilizes for five minutes, the Magnum inverter defaults back to your grid-tie system inverter(s) allowing normal grid-tie operations to resume. Meanwhile, the grid-tied solar panels never know the difference.

The Independence 4400 battery bank includes eight UPG AGM 200 aH 6-volt batteries which sit in a sturdy Midnite Solar battery enclosure with a locking door. An automatic double safety disconnect system prevents the battery bank from being overcharged by your solar array when the grid is down or disconnected.

When you are in "off-grid" mode you are limited by your Magnum Inverter's capacity and by the amount of power your panels can store in your battery bank. You must, therefore, carefully plan your off-grid load subpanel and think ahead about what appliances you will live with when you are off the grid. Our off-grid Load Evaluation worksheets are helpful. Also you should talk with one of Wholesale Solar's off-grid specialists as you make your decisions.

This system has been installed by Do It Yourself homeowners or can be installed by any electrician. Your main decisions are budgetary and how many of your current appliances your off-grid system will power and for how long.

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"Put your gridtie solar panels to work when the grid is down!

The AC to AC coupling of the American Gridtie Independence Backup Power system to your gridtie solar system maximizes the efficiency of your grid-tie solar power system AND gives you off-grid independence."