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Magnum invertersMagnum Energy Inverters
Magnum Inverter Model Part Number Power Type
& Application
with Epanel Model

NOTE: Any of these Magnum Energy Inverters can be pre-wired into a Midnite Solar EPanel for savings of installation time and cost.
MM Series Inverter/Charger
2901242 1,000 watts
Sinewave / Mobile
*Call for our extra low prices on
Pre-wired, Pre-assembled, Pre-tested Power Centers
with Magnum Energy inverters and Midnite Solar Disconnect Panels

prosine sine wave inverter power Prosine Inverters
Model Part Number Power Type
2410243 1,000 watts Sinewave
2410242 1,000 watts Sinewave
2412103 1,000 watts Sinewave
2410122 1,000 watts Sinewave

samlex inverter companySamlex Inverters
Model Part Number Power Type
5970273 1,000 watts Pure Sinewave
5971173 1,000 watts Pure sinewave/Battery Bank Charger
Samlex VR 12VDC
5930773 1,000 watts Modified Sinewave

xantrax Heart Interface/Xantrex Freedom Mobile Inverters for RV's and Boats
Xantrex Freedom Mobile Inverter Model Part Number Power Type
2410121 1,000 watts Modified Sinewave

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