Kyocera Solar Electric Power Systems for Railroad Applications. Railroad solar remote solar power systems from Kyocera. Low cost power systems for railroad applications such as hybrid power systems for railcars and wayside signaling.

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remote railroad solar power system by Kyocera
10 watt, 2-volt 30 Day Reserve Railroad Remote Solar Power System.

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Kyocera Solar Electric Power Systems for Railroad Applications

kyocera Railroad Applications solar power systems
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Kyocera Solar Inc's Railroad Solar is a complete remote power solution for providing solar electric power for all types of railroad applications. Kyocera has spent the past 30 years aggressively researching and developing solar power systems and equipment.

Kyocera Solar is the solution for remote railroad applications that require full up time at top performance at low cost and low maintenance servicing.

remote railroad solar power system
Intermediate Signal 1440 Watt Solar Array, 40 Watt Hybrid Power with a 20 Day Reserve.

Kyocera Solar team has over 20 years of servicing and working with the railroad industry in order to provide the best solution for your railroad remote power system. If your looking for possibility the best solution for highly reliable and low cost power systems for a variety of railroad power applications then go with the industry leader for your power needs.

Complete Railroad Power System Solutions

Railroad Solar by Kyocera Solar is a remote solar power systems solution that is designed for the rugged demands of the railroad industry. Each Railroad Solar system is designed uniquely to site specific applications.

  • Power systems are secure and durable
  • Photovoltaic array includes anti theft mounting hardware
  • Fully integrated shelters for equipment
  • Hybrid system design
  • Higher voltage systems and Custom application is available

Railroad Remote Power System Applications

  • Wayside Signaling
  • Intermediate and Approach Lit Signals
  • Repeater Locations
  • Detectors for Hot Boxes
  • Grade Crossings
  • Power Supplies for Telecommunication
  • Control Points
  • Electric Switch Locks
  • AEI Equipment
  • Detectors for Dragging Equipment
  • Solar Power Supplies for Railcar
  • Switch Machines
  • 2-Volt Controllers and Track Circuit Systems
  • Battery Replacement Primary
railroad remote solar power from Kyocera

Railroad Remote Power System Features

  • Assistance with Engineering Design
  • Before and after installation Site Survey Analysis
  • Designs are Vandal Resistant
  • Hybrid and Standalone CAD Sizing Analysis
  • Pole Mount and Ground Installation
  •   Wood or Telephone Pole Mounted Systems
  • Galvanized Steel Poles and Mounts Hot Dipped
  • Poles and Mounts are Anodized Aluminum
  • Complete Power System Installation Packages/Kits
  • Complete Manuals and Documentation
  • Installation Services and Onsite Training
  • Custom Solar Module and System Design
  • Warranty on System Performance
  • Installation Services – Turnkey
  • Maintenance Services are Long Term
  • NI-Cad or Lead-Acid Regulation
  • Fully Integrated Shelters for Equipment 
Kyocera railroad remote solar power system
1250 Watt Solar Array with 20 Day Power Reserve.

railroad sunlight map

railroad sunlight hours

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remote railroad solar power system
720 Watt Solar Array with Wind Hybrid Generator Backup system.
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