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Quick Mount PV

DPW Solar

General Specialties


With a hacksaw, a few basic tools, and a couple of trips to the hardware store, you can attach your solar panels to whatever you want, but be aware that in some situations it is unwise and even unlawful to mount your own panels. We've seen solar arrays installed in all sorts of situations, from single module, to large arrays, in residential or commercial applications.

Do you need more information about How Solar Panels Should Be Mounted before choosing?

Wholesale Solar's Comprehensive Mounting Installation Guide
Wholesale Solar has put together a comprehensive installation guide for IronRidge XRL and IronRidge XRS Rails with the Wiley Grounding system and optional QuickMount or Ecofasten roof flashings. Download the Guide »

View RackIng Layout options here.

Ground Mount Installation Ground Mounting

two seas solar panel mounts Shop all IronRidge Parts

IronRidge Rails (See more options)
Rail Model Length Product Number Price
IronRidge XR10 14' 6500013
IronRidge XR100 14' 6500016
IronRidge XR1000 14' 6401684
Shop all IronRidge Parts

IronRidge formerly known as (Two Seas Metalworks), located in Northern California, manufactures a complete line of products for the solar power industry including: roof, pole, and ground mounts, battery enclosures, and other specialty products. IronRidge also carries a scalable ground array (IronRidge SGA) line.

Tools and Library
Support Manuals and Pricing Guide
Shop for IronRidge parts on Wholesalesolar.com
*Our prices are more than 10% off list price. Call us for help picking appropriate components and for specific pricing at 1-800-472-1142.
Quick Mount

Quick Mount PV is the recognized industry standard for 100% code-compliant, waterproof solar roof mounts, offering solutions for composition/asphalt shingle, shake, slate, low slope, and curved and flat tile roofs. All Quick Mount PV’s products manufactured at the company's Northern California headquarters, which is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Classic Comp Specs Download PDF
Model (Classic Comp) Finish Part Number Price
Quick Mount Classic Conduit Mount QMCC-A 9"x12" Mill
Quick Mount Standard Flat Tile QMSFT 18"x18" Mill
Quick Mount QBase New Construction Mount QMNC-A-12 12"x12" Mill
E-Mount w/ Lag Bolt Composite / Asphalt Shingle Flashing (Single) - QMSE-Lag - 9"x12" Mill 6963201
E-Mount Composite / Asphalt Shingle Flashing (Single) - QMSE - 9"x12" Mill 6963152
Classic Comp Composite / Asphalt Shingle Flashing (Single) - QMSC - 12"x12" Mill
Universal Tile Mount (Single) - QMUTM - 18"x18" Mill
Quick Hook Standard Height Tile Mount (Single) - QMHSS (formerly QMCTH) Mill
Quick Hook Low Height Tile Mount (Single) - QMHLS (formerly QMFTH) Mill

Renusol Logo

Read more about Renusol Mounting Systems.

Renusol America, a leading innovator of roof mounting systems for solar panels in the U.S., makes installing solar a breeze. They carry two lines of mounting systems, the low parts VS line for pitched roofs, and the first one part racking solution--the CS60--for flat roofs.
VS Spec Racking
CS60 Racking (Only sold in quantities of 100 pieces or more)
Renusol MS (for trapezoidal roofs)
10-year warranty
  • Renusol VS Spec Sheet
  • Renusol CS60 Spec Sheet
  • Renusol MS Spec Sheet
  • Warranty
  • Renusol VS Advantages (PDF)
  • Renusol CS60 Advantages (PDF)
  • Renusol MS Wire Clip Guide  
  • Renusol VS Installation Guide (PDF)
  • Renusol CS60 Installation Guide (PDF)
  • Renusol MS Installation Guide  

    zomeworks solar panel mounts

    Zomeworks makes a full line of racks made of strong welded steel frames with urethane enamel paint. The mounting rails are slotted, custom-formed, aluminum channel accommodating any size module.


    solar panel mounts

    Shop for General Specialties Parts. General Specialties
    General Specialties solar panel mounts are characterized by a solid construction, ease of assembly. If you have worked with other mounts, you can really appreciate the ease of adjustment. Sure, other brands will do the job. General Specialties's quality workmanship and engineering are what make them stand apart from their competitors.

    Support Manuals and Pricing Guide
    Choosing a Rack for your application - PV Array Square Foot Requirement
    PV Array Flat Base Foundation
    Pole Height and Dimension Charts Assembly Instructions for UPM 12 XD, 15 X, 18X

    DPW Logo DPW Solar Mounts

    DPW Solar provides innovative mounting solutions for any PV solar application including commercial, industrial, government, utility and residential applications. To estimate cost, take 15% off of List Price in the DPW Solar Pricing Guide, then give us call. We'll help you choose appropriate components and work with you to get your final pricing. 1-800-472-1142.

    Solarland USA Shop for Solarland Mounts.

    Although Greenergy Technlogy's SLB mounting kits have been specifically developed for Solarland® SLP Series Panels, these mounts are universal in design and can easily be adapted to work with most other solar panel brands.

    •  Universal Mount Z Bracket Kit •  Side of Pole/Flat Surface Mount Kits (Double Arm)
    •  Side of Pole/Flat Surface Mount Kits •  Marine Panel Rail & Stanchion Mounts
    Solarland Mounts

    SnapNrack SnapNrack in a array of solar panels

    The SnapNrack system is a low profile, visually appealing, photovoltaic (PV) module installation system. This innovative suite of racking components simplifies the process of installing solar modules and shortens install times, which lowers installation costs.

    SnapNrack systems, when installed in accordance with this manual, will be structurally adequate for the specific installation site and will meet the 2006 International Building Code, as well as local building codes.

    The SnapNrack installation system is a set of engineered components that can be assembled into a wide variety of PV mounting structures. It’s designed to be installed by qualified solar installation technicians. With SnapNrack you will be able to solve virtually any PV module mounting challenge.

    Download PDF (2.87MB)

    Applied Energy Technologies Ballast Rack by

    The Rayport™ Stainless Series Roof Ballast Rack by AET Applied Energy Technology is the ONLY stainless steel roof ballast system available on the market. Wind tunnel tested for up to 120 mph, their racks fit most panels available on the market today,

    This easy-to-use rack allows for bottom-to-top assembly of the entire PV unit. In other words, the installer is able to work in steps from the roof up to the panel without having to perform any off-line sub assemblies. You won't need to cut or drill. The racks include integrated fasteners – allowing one common bolt to be used for all joints and one grounding lug per tray installed at the rear support rail (every 20 rows).

    Assuming system is assembled correctly, Rayport Racks have a 15-Year Limited Warranty on their structure.

    Download Data Sheet PDF (1.0MB)

    Download Bill of Materials PDF (367KB)

    Download Installation Guide PDF (2.3MB)

    Zep Solar PV Mounts
    The Zep Solar Panel Mounting System is designed for quick installation of solar arrays and for straight forward grounding of solar panel systems. This system is compatible with any solar panel that has a Zep Groove on the external surface of the panel. Currently the only panel we carry that conforms is the Canadian Solar CSI CS6P-235PX 235-watt Zep Module. We’ve been waiting for our first shipment of the Canadian Solar modules with the Zep groove so we could personally check them out. They feel really sturdy and are proving to be super easy to install. Read more about Zep Solar Panel Mounting Systems and get Data Sheets.

    Trina Solar Mounts Sure to have a major impact on the solar industry, the Trinamount is the perfect choice for ballasted racking in commercial applications. It includes Trina's highly competitive polycrystalline solar panels modified to work with easy-to-install hardware. It's the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to mount PV arrays. Read more.

    Trina Mount
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