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Off Grid Systems
Off-grid Solar Cabin Systems

Is it time to turn your off-grid cabin in the woods into something a little more romantic? The solar electric systems on this page are perfect for smaller projects and buildings.

Or do you have a small efficient home and enjoy living conservatively within your means? These off-grid solar power systems are right for you. The AC Solar Kits 1 and 2 will power the same kinds of appliances you see in a utility-powered home. You pay a little more for the DC to AC inverter but you save on appliances.

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Or you can add DC lights, fans and water pumps with one of our DC Solar Kits. These systems are appropriate for RV's and boats, as well as for houses with DC appliances (available at RV and marine shops).

Our customers buy these same off-grid solar systems for:

  • boats and RVs
  • remote telecommunication systems
  • agricultural water pumping
  • automatic gates.
Off-grid Solar Cabins / Starter Kits
  Array Size
in Watts*
Monthly Output
in kWh**
Part #
Cabin Off-grid AC Kit 1 280 36 1890100
Cabin Off-grid AC Kit 2 560 75 1891434
Cabin Off-grid DC Kit 1 280 37 1891435
Cabin Off-grid DC Kit 2 560 75 1891440
off grid cabin kit
*Array size = Total watts of the panels.
**Monthly Output varies according to day length and quality of light. We have used Array Size X 30 days X 5 hours.
***Prices do not include shipping, racking, batteries, installation or applicable taxes and may change daily. Current pricing: (1-800-472-1142.

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"Off-grid pioneers are heading out of grid-locked suburban areas to enjoy clean air and water. Off-grid solar power lets them take music and light with them."