Magnum Energy Fuse Block assemblies protect the battery bank, inverter and cables from damage caused by short circuits and overloads.

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Magnum inverters
Model: Magnum Energy Fuse Block Assemblies
Item: amp: Price:
9125042 125amp
9200042 200amp
9300042 300amp
9400042 400amp

Magnum Energy fuse block assemblies are the perfect code compliant over-current protection. They are used to protect the battery bank, inverter and cables from damage caused by short circuits and overloads. They also employ a time delay to allow temporary current surges common in inverter applications.

Protection against costly damage: The ME-125F, ME-200F, ME-300F, and ME-400F protect the battery bank, inverter, and cables from damage caused by short circuits and overloads.

Fuse Selection
Fuse size is determined based upon the size of the conductor between the battery and the load. Factors such as the length of the cable between battery and load and wire type of the conductor as well as conductor temperature rating all affect the conductor’s current carrying capability. The 125 and 200 amp models use an ANL type fuse and the 300 and 400 amp models use the Class-T fuses. Magnum fuse blocks are ideal in applications where over-current protection is required for high current components such as inverters and chargers.

Complete kit in one package: Magnum Energy fuses include a Slow-Blow high current fuse, a mounting block, and protective cover.

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Magnum ME ANL Fuse
Magnum MM-612AE inverter product manual Magnum MM-612AE inverter product specs
Fuse Block Assembly Instructions Accessories Data Sheet

Warning: Failure to comply with torque specifications may result in damage and premature failure of the product. Failures caused by not adhering to the proper torque specifications are not covered by warranty.
Model Amps Shipping Weight (lbs.) Item
Magnum 125amp Fuse Block Assembly
Magnum 200amp Fuse Block Assembly
Magnum 300amp Fuse Block Assembly
Magnum 400amp Fuse Block Assembly

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Features and General Information

  ME-125F and ME-200 work only with:
MM Series
MM-AE Series
MMS Series
MM-E Series
ME-300F and ME-400F work only with:
ME Series
MS Series
MS-AE Series
RD Series
RD-E Series

Fuse Installation
The fuse should be installed between the battery and the load in the ungrounded conductor. This is normally the positive or red color-coded conductor. Install the fuse block in an easily accessible location. For code compliance, locate the fuse within 18” of the battery with at leas 6” of clearance form the other equipment. Attach the fuse block securely to a solid mounting surface using appropriately sized hardware. Connections to the fuse block require ring terminals. Make the cable connections to the fuse block first, then to the battery and finally the inverter. Always check cables for correct polarity before making final connections.

Place the ring terminal on the end of the cable over the stud on the fuse block. Install the flat washer, the lock washer and the nut in that order. Do not put any washers between the ring terminal and the fuse, as this will cause hardware to 250 inch-pounds (21ft. lbs.) Threads are specially lubricated to assist in future disassembly.

Magnum Fuse Block

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