The Enphase Energy micro-inverters M190-72-208-S12, M190-72-240-S11 and M190-72-240-S12 allow every solar panel the benefit of individual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).

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Enphase energy inverters
Model: M-190 Enphase Energy Micro-Inverters
Items: Type: Price:
2919170 208 VAC for MC4 CALL
2919070 240 VAC for MC3 CALL
2919270 240 VAC for MC4 CALL
2937345 240 VAC - Tyco Connection CALL

How does the Enphase Micro-Inverter Work?

The Enphase Energy Micro-inverter maximizes energy produced from a photovoltaic (PV) array. Each Enphase Energy Micro-inverter is independently coupled to one solar module in an array. This configuration means that an individual Maximum Peak Power Point Tracker (MPPT) operates each solar module. This insures that the greatest power available from each solar panel is sent to the grid regardless of the performance of the other PV panels in the array. Regardless of shading, soiling, orientation which would, affect individual solar panels in the array, or module mismatch, the Enphase Energy Micro-inverter insures peak performance for its coupled PV panel.

PV systems utilizing Enphase Energy Micro-inverters are very simple to install and design. No need string calculations, and install individual solar panels in any grouping of module quantity, model, age and orientation. No need to install bulky centralized or string inverters. Each Enphase Energy Micro-inverter easily mounts on the module racking, directly underneath each solar panel. Low voltage DC wires join from the solar panel directly to the co-located Enphase Energy Micro-inverter, eliminating the hazard of people’s exposure to deadly 600Vdc power.

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Product Manual Product Specs Enphase Module Compatibility
Model Volts (Compatible Solar Panels) Shipping Weight (lbs.) Item
Enphase M190 - Micro Inverter 208 VAC for MC4
208 SEE PDF ABOVE 4.0 2919170
Enphase M190 - Micro Inverter 240 VAC for MC3
240 4.0 2919070
Enphase M190 - Micro Inverter 240 VAC for MC4
240 4.0  2919270
Enphase M190 - Micro-inverter 240 VAC - Tyco Connection
240 4.0  2937345

Optional Item Price
Enphase mounting hardware kit inc. (2)WEEB DMC clip
9890005 CALL
Enphase Energy Management Unit
2977055 CALL
2900249 CALL

enphase energy trust
M190 Enphase Micro Inverter Features
  • Maximum energy production
  • Resilient to dust, debris and shading
  • Performance monitoring per module
  • MTBF of 331 years
  • No single point of system failure
  • System availability greater than 99.8%
  • Quick & simple design, installation and management
  • 24/7 monitoring and analysis
Indoors, install the Envoy communications gateway (EMU) by plugging it into any 120Vac wall socket and providing an Ethernet connection to your broadband router or modem. After installation of the Envoy, the network of Enphase Energy Micro-inverters routinely begins reporting to the Enphase Energy Enlighten web server. The Enlighten software presents in progress and past system performance trends, and lets you know when the solar power system is not performing as anticipated.

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