The Outback Power FX2012MT sealed, mobile 2,000 watt, 12-volt inverter provides true sine wave power output.

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Call 1-800-472-1142 M-F 8 to 5 PST,
email sales@wholesalesolar.com, or Request a Quote
OutBack inverters
Model: FX2012MT
Brand: OutBack Power
Product Type: Inverters
Because of excellent pricing on all products, 99% of these inverters are sold in Pre-wired Solar Power Systems.
Item: Price:
This inverter is also available pre-wired with appropriate safety components onto a Four Star Solar Power Center with OutBack FLEXware or Midnite Solar E-panels.

OutBack M-Series inverter/chargers provide true sine wave power output, and smart battery charging. These modular units are expandable to your mobile power needs. They are a complete power conversion solution: a DC to AC inverter, a battery charger, and an AC transfer switch, combining a 30-amp pass through and neutral/ground switching.

All OutBack sealed M series inverter/chargers produce virtually distortion free sine wave AC power for onboard electronics such as sensitive home theater equipment and microwaves with minimal RF interference. (Microwaves cook faster with pure power.)

Surge power starts heavy loads such your air conditioner. Power factor corrected battery charging gets the most out of your shore cord and generator while maximizing the life and performance of your batteries.

Fast AC transfer switch with neutral/ground switching transfers shore cord current seamlessly with no dropped loads. With the Outback M series your inverter system can grow with your power consumption needs because of their modular expandability. This is achieved through networked communications.

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OutBack FX-2012 2,000-watt inverter  product manual OutBack FX-2012 2,000-watt inverter  product specs
Product Manual Product Specifications

OutBack FX-2012 2,000-watt inverter

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Model Volts Watts Shipping Weight (lbs.) Item
FX-2012MT 12 2000 67 2570182
This inverter is also available pre-wired with appropriate safety components onto a Four Star Solar Power Center with OutBack FLEXware or Midnite Solar E-panels.

Optional Accessories Description Part Number Price
GSCM Atkinson Generator Start Control Module 2963415
MATE Outback MATE Remote Monitor & control 9578062
MATE3 Outback MATE3 Remote Monitor & control 9578732
FLEXnet DC System Monitor Outback Flexnet FN-DC System Monitor 9541875
HUB4 Outback HUB-4 Communication Manager 9500252
HUB10 Outback HUB-10 Communication Manager 9578072
FW-SP-ACA Outback FW-SP-ACA AC Adapter w/surge Suppressor 9552133
MNDC175 MidNite Mini-DC 175amp Disconnect 8941750
MNDC250 MidNite Mini-DC 250amp Disconnect 8942500
MNSPD300 MidNite Surge Suppressor 9930041

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OutBack FX-2012 2,000-watt inverter information

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"These inverters are designed and built by the same team that developed the Trace Sinewave Inverters."