The Outback Power FX-2524T 'Turbo' 2,500-watt, 24 volt-sealed inverter, a 'building block' sinewave inverter, makes expansion of your solar electric system simple. It's also perfect for small systems.

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OutBack Power inverters
Model: FX2524T
Brand: OutBack Power
Product Type: Inverters
Because of excellent pricing on all products, 99% of these inverters are sold in Pre-wired Solar Power Systems.
Item: Price:
This inverter is also available pre-wired with appropriate safety components onto a Four Star Solar Power Center with OutBack FLEXware or Midnite Solar E-panels.

The Outback FX 2524T is a stackable, 2,500 continuous rated, modular sine wave inverter/charger. Used for both small and large power systems, each Outback FX 2524T inverter/charger is a complete power conversion system in one—a DC to AC inverter, a battery charger, and an AC transfer switch.

Additional "building block" inverter/chargers can be connected at any time. They can be stacked in parallel (120 VAC), in series (120/240 VAC), or even three-phase (120/208VAC) configurations, which allows the system to be tailored to the specific power conversion requirements of the application. Additional inverter/chargers can be added at the time of installation or after.

See OUTBACK POWER INVERTER ACCESSORIES, including stacking kits for 2 and 4 inverters, remote temperature sensors, Mates, and Hub Communications Managers.

A Mate system controller can operate and monitor up to eight of these inverters, and eight 60amp solar controllers.  With an Outback Mate you can create a versatile and powerful PV system "brain".

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OutBack FX2524T 2,500-watt, 24-volt inverter

Call Wholesale Solar for current pricing on OutBack FX2524T 2,500-watt, 24-volt inverter shown with the Turbo fan on
the cover for increased output and smooth running.

Model Volts Watts Shipping Weight (lbs.) Item
FX-2524T 24 2500 VA 67 2517022
This inverter is also available pre-wired with appropriate safety components onto a Four Star Solar Power Center with OutBack FLEXware or Midnite Solar E-panels.

Optional Accessories Description Part Number Price
GSCM Atkinson Generator Start Control Module 2963415
MATE Outback MATE Remote Monitor & control 9578062
MATE3 Outback MATE3 Remote Monitor & control 9578732
FLEXnet DC System Monitor Outback Flexnet FN-DC System Monitor 9541875
HUB4 Outback HUB-4 Communication Manager 9500252
HUB10 Outback HUB-10 Communication Manager 9578072
FW-SP-ACA Outback FW-SP-ACA AC Adapter w/surge Suppressor 9552133

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Features and General Information
  • Modules are stackable to create up to 16,000-watt systems
  • Designed to work with battery banks for "off-grid"applications or for utility / grid-intertie applications or as a combination of the two applications
  • Can be used in high ambient temperatures with reduced output ratings
  • Waterproof and designed to survive harsh climates anywhere in the world
  • Unique sealed, die-cat aluminum chassis protects and keeps the power conversion components cool
  • Standard 5-year warranty is upgradeable to 10-year warranty in areas where it's required.
  • OutBack FX2524T 2,500-watt, 24-volt inverter information
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    "These inverters are designed and built by the same team that developed the Trace Sinewave Inverters."
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