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xantex inverter
Model: SW 4048
Item: Price:
2460032 Call.*

Designed to provide homes with a completely independent power supply, the SW 4048 offers sinewave, utility grade output power, high capacity battery charger, high surge current ability, and easy installation. The SW 4048 inverter/charger can be configured as a stand-alone unit and work in conjunction with your generator to handle loads too large for the generator alone. With the use of the GTI option, it can act as utility interactive inverter, sending excess power back into the grid.

When the utility fails, the SW 4048 instantly supplies AC power to critical loads. When the utility power returns, it can automatically recharge your batteries in preparation for the next power interruption .

This inverter has been discontinued. We recommend XW4548 or MS4448AE as an alternate choice.

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SW 4048 48 volt inverter from Xantrex/Trace

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SW 4048U Inverter product manual SW 4048U Inverter product specs
Product Manual Product Specifications
Model Volts Watts Shipping Weight (lbs.) Item
SW 4048 48 4000 118 2460032

Accessories Item Price
SWRC Remote Control - 25' Of Cable
9400252 Call
SWRC/50 Remote Control - 50' Of Cable
9468092 for
Xantrex SWI Stacking Cable for SW Inverters (not for use on export models
9468062 pricing
Xantrex SWI/PAR Interface for Parallel Stacking - Sine wave parallel kit. Paralleling kit, connects two identical SW inverters together for twice the power output at the same voltage
2468072 &
Xantrex GSM Generator Start Module for SW+ inverters. Allows auto generator start (standard in SW Series)
2478102 availability.
ALM Auxiliary Load Module for SW+ inverters. Provides voltage controlled relays (standard in SW Series)
2478112 1-800-472-1142
SWCA Sine wave communications adapter for SW. Allows PC connection and monitoring of up to 8 inverters, includes adapter, DOS based software 50' of cable and DB9 connector
SWCB Sinewave Conduit Box. Fits on the DC or AC end of SW inverters

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Features and General Information

  • Adjustable search mode can reduce idle power to 1 watt
  • Current compensated, adjustable low battery cut-out voltages and high battery cut-out protection.
  • Protection circuitry guards against over-current, short circuit, over temp, low battery and high battery conditions.
  • Battery charger design allows the use of smaller back up generators at high efficiencies.
  • Fully programmable operation
  • on-board computer with a built-in or optional remote LCD display/control panel
  • system monitoring of both DC and AC input and output
  • full integration with the grid for back-up
  • Built in starting control circuits for two and three wire generator starting systems
  • Three stage, temp. compensated, adjustable, battery charger, with remote temperature probe to maximize battery life.
  • Utility grade, sine wave power
  • Backed by a two year warranty with an optional three year, extended warranty available
  • How to Choose an Inverter for your power system
  • Inverters: What is a Sine Wave?
  • How to Choose an Inverter Size for Your Water Well Pump

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*"The Xantrex DR, SW and SW Plus series are going out of production. There are still some of these inverters and their accessories in stock in various warehouses, but availability and prices are fluctuating. Please call for current pricing and availability."