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Model: Bogart Tri-Metric 2020
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The Bogart Tri-Metric 2020 meter displays amp-hours, net current flow and battery % full on an LED display.

An LED lights when the battery is charging and flashes when the battery has been fully charged. Another LED flashes when batteries should be recharged or equalized, and during low battery voltage. It also records minimum and maximum voltage, days since batteries were last charged, days since equalized, and total lifetime amp-hours withdrawn from the batteries. The Trimetric can be located hundreds of feet away from the batteries using 4 conductor meter wire.

For 48 V systems or additional lightning protection on 12/24 V systems, use a 48 V adapter with the meter. A shunt is required for operation. Use the 500 Amp shunt if you have a 12 V inverter larger than 1600 watts. Use the 1000 Amp 100mV shunt for systems with stacked XW inverters or where continuous current is over 300 amps. Order shunt separately (listed below).

Handles a maximum battery bank size of 2500 amp hours. The positive lead to the Trimetric should be fused with a 1 amp fuse. Flush mount or use wire mold box to mount.

Two year warranty.


product specs
Product Manual
Model Volts (Vdc) Amps DC Item
Bogart TriMetric 2020
12 or 24 2500 max 9800022

Accessories Item Price
TriMetric 500A / 50 MV shunt
Trimetric 1000A / 100mV shunt - for stacked XW inverters
Double gang box for TriMetric 2020
Bogart TriMetric Surface Mount Box
Bogart TriMetric 48 voltage adapter
Bogart Double gang box for TriMetric 2020
Bogart Pentametric Computer Interface PM-100C
Bogart Pentametric LCD Display
Bogart Pentametric Meter Input Unit
Bogart Shunt 100 AMP 100 MV         
Bogart TriMetric Meter 2020 Battery System Monitor

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  • Displays amp-hours, net current-flow and battery % full on an LED display
  • LED lights when battery is charging and flashes when the battery has been fully charged.
  • Two year warranty

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