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LG. LIfe's Good.
Model: LG 290 Black Mono X NeoN LG290N1C
Brand: LG Solar
Product Type: Solar Panels

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LG, a veteran manufacturer of electronics, recently turned its attention and expertise toward the renewable energy field. Lucky for us! Wholesale Solar is now offering the third generation of the Mono X -- the NeoN LG290N1C 290-watt monocrystalline solar panel. Appropriate for home, business or utility applications, this panel is made with a unique design and rugged materials, and subject to systematic quality assurance. The Mono NeoN LG290N1C 290-watt solar panel is a worthy investment.

High efficiency, lightweight solar panels with a sleek look
For those concerned with curb appeal, the Mono X NeoN LG290N1C 290-watt solar panel has a sleek look--black panels with black frames. And just because it looks good doesn't mean it compromises on quality. It's lightweight, yet it boasts an efficiency rating of 17.7 percent, and a power tolerance is 0/+3%. (An efficiency rating is the percentage of a solar panel that can be used to convert sunlight into power. A power tolerance is the percentage a solar panel's power output is expected to waver from its nameplate rating, in this case, 290 watts.)

LG Solar Panels have a better warranty than most of its competitors.
Built to last, the NeoN LG290N1C 290-watt solar panel comes with a 25-year linear power warranty. It's guaranteed to generate 97 percent of their rated power for the first year, and .7 percent less each subsequent year. It also comes with a 10-year workmanship warranty. Read more about LG's warranty here, and call us at (1-800-472-1142 for more information.

Product Specifications Installation Manual

LG290N1C Neon Mono-Crystalline 290-watt Solar Panel

Call Wholesale Solar for current pricing on the NeoN LG290N1C 290-watt Solar Panel at 1-800-472-1142.

Model Watts Amps Volts Size LxW (Inches) Weight (lbs.) Item
LG 290 Black Mono X NeoN LG290N1C
290 9.19 31.8 64.56 x 39.37 x 1.38 36.96 1524606

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MONO X 290 Features
Technical Data
Electrical Properties at Standard Test Conditions
Max Power
Nominal power [Wp] † Pmpp
≥ 290
Voltage at nominal power [V] Vmpp
Current at nominal power [A] Impp
Open-circuit voltage [V] Voc
Short-circuit current [A] Isc
Module Efficiency [%] η
STC (1,000 W/m2, AM 1.5 cell temperature 25ºC)
Data at Normal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT)
Nominal power [Wp] Pmpp
Voltage at nominal power [V] Vmpp
Open-circuit voltage [V] Voc
Current at nominal power [A] Impp
Short Circuit Current (Isc)
Efficiency reduction (from 1000W/m2
< 4.5%
NOCT (800 W/m2, wind speed 1 m/s, ambient temperature 20ºC)
Data at Low Irradiation
At a low irradiation intensity of 200 W/m2 (AM 1.5 and cell temperature 25ºC) 97% of the STC module efficiency (1000 W/m2) will be achieved.
Temperature Coefficients
Power [%/ºK]
Open-circuit voltage [%/ºK]
Short circuit current [%/ºK]
Characteristic Data
Solar cells per module
Cell type
Cell dimensions
6” x 6 " (156 mm x 156 mm), full square
Junction box
IP 67 with 3 bypass diodes
Length of cables
2 x 1000 mm / 2 x 39.37 in
Connector Type
MC4 connector IP67
Dimensions and Weight
64.56” (1,640 mm) x 39.37” (1000 mm) x 1.38 (35 mm)
Approx. 36.96 lbs (16.8kg)
System voltage [VDC]
Operating module temperature [ºC]
-40 to +90
Maximum Snow Load (lbs/ft2)
5400 Pa, (113 psf)
Maximum Wind Load (lbs/ft2)
2400 Pa, (50 psf)

NeoN LG290N1C 290-Specifations



NeoN LG290N1C

NeoN LG290N1C Curves


LG Mono X 290-watt Curves



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