The SunTech STP175S-24 175 watt solar panel has the latest technology, an affordable price and a great warranty.

Model: STP175S-24
Item: Price:
1901750 CALL

Currently we recommend Trina 175 solar panels instead.

Having achieved an annual production capacity of 1 gigawatt in 2009, Suntech is the world's largest producer of crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) modules. The panels are designed for homes, as well as commercial, industrial and public-utility applications in China, Australia, the United States, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, and Dubai.

Suntech has four manufacturing plants in China. Suntech America is based in San Francisco and plans to open a facility in Phoenix, Arizona in 2010.

Zhengrong Shi founded the company in 2002 after receiving a doctorate at the University of NSW's School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering.

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SunTech 165 170 175

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product specs
Product Specifications
Model Watts Amps Volts Size (inch) Shipping Weight (lbs.) Item
SunTech 175 175 4.95 35.2 62.2x31.8x1.38 34.1 1901700

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Materials and Construction

Limited Warranties:
  • Power output of 80% for 25 years
  • 25-year limited warranty, except for RV or marine use
  • 10 year limited warranty of 90% power output
  • 2 years limited warranty of materials and workmanship

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