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Wind generator system skystream 3.7 by southwest wind power.
Model: Skystream 3.7 Grid Tie Wind Generator
Item: Price:
4922012 Call
4922022 Call

Introducing Skystream 3.7 - a new generation Residential Power Appliance that hooks up to your home to help you reduce or eliminate your monthly electricity costs. It's the first compact, user-friendly, all-inclusive wind generator (with controls and inverter built in) designed to provide quiet, clean electricity in very low winds. With Skystream, homeowners and small business owners now have the power to choose their electricity source with wind power.

Video on how Skystream 3.7 works.

skystream 3.7 wind generator powering a home

Skystream Wind Generator designed by southwest windpower

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How it works is simple. With no batteries, Skystream connects directly to your home. When the wind is blowing, your home is powered (in part) by Skystream, when it's not, your home is seamlessly powered by your utility as usual. During periods of strong winds, Skystream can actually produce excess electricity. Depending on your utility, your meter will spin backwards--giving you credit for a later date.

Model Volts Watts Start-up Wind Speed (mph) KWH per month @ 20 mph Shipping Weight (lbs.) Item
Skystream 3.7
120/240 1800 8 800 170 4922012
Skystream 3.7 Marine
240 1800 8 800 170 4922022

Skystream Accessories
Skystream Tower Adaptor Kit allows you to attach your Skystream
to a tower constructed of 5 inch schedule 40 pipe.
Skystream 33 foot Monopole Tower - includes free shipping to US
and Canada, customer responsible for unloading
Skystream 45 foot Monopole Tower - includes free shipping to US
and Canada, customer responsible for unloading
Skystream 60 foot Monopole Tower - includes free shipping to US
and Canada, customer responsible for unloading
Gin Pole Kit for Skystream Monopole Tower (gin pole, shackles and wire)
Hinge Plate Kit for Skystream Monopole Tower (hinge plate and hardware)
Tower Bolt Kit (for pier foundations) for Skystream Monopole
Tower Bolt Kit (for mat foundations) for Skystream Monopole
(bolts & bolt template for Mat foundation)
Compatible Whisper Accessories
Whisper Guyed Tower Kit 30'
Whisper Guyed Tower Kit 42'
Whisper Guyed Tower Kit 70'

Features and General Information Will Skystream 3.7 Work for You?

If your site fits the following criteria, chances are Skystream will work for you:

  • At least 10 MPH average wind speed (best results at 12 mph or more)
  • Your property is at least .5 acres and has unobstructed views
  • The local zoning allows a structure that is at least 42' tall
  • Your local utility has an existing interconnection agreement for homeowners

With a rated capacity of 1.8 kw, Skystream can provide anywhere from 40 to 100 percent of the total energy needs of a household or small business. Its, sleek, distinctive 12-foot diameter swept-wing blades and elegant form make sky stream an attractive addition to any home. With a guy-less tower, Skystream blends in like a neighborhood street lamp. And because it operates at a low rpm, Skystream is as quiet as the trees blowing in the wind.

Skystream can be used in off-grid battery charging applications that include a bi-directional inverter such as a Xantrex SW or SW Plus or OutBack FX or VFX inverter. The Skystream in connected to a breaker in the load center powered by the inverter. For this type of installation, the wireless remote battery sensor must be installed to stop the Skystream when the batteries are fully charged.

An optional two-way remote display unit lets you control your Skystream when from up to 1000feet (300 meters) away. You can also monitor performance and download energy performance data to your personal computer via USB converter.

5-year limited warranty.

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