School Solar � Many students find our micro inverter solar power systems to make perfect solar power projects. Also we design large solar power systems for schools that are ready to get their power from a renewable energy source such as the sun.

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Solar Power for Schools

Are you interested in solar energy for a school project? Maybe a small starter project at home?

Solar power lab project

Wholesale Solar recommends the simple Enphase micro-inverter solar power systems described below as the easiest way to get started with a REAL solar energy project. This is a solar power system that is gridtied, or connected to the utility grid.  

Gridtied solar electric systems are simple because they contain no batteries. Instead, they store the excess electricity they produce in the utility grid, causing the electric meter to turn backwards. The micro-inverter converts solar electricity into AC electricity which supplies the type of alternating current, AC, your regular appliances need. This simple gridtie solar system is affordable and can be expanded easily.

It’s fairly easy to take the first step to replacing dirty coal-burning electricity with clean, free energy from our favorite star.  These solar power systems pay for themselves over time, because electric bills are reduced every month by the amount of power you produce yourself.  After it pays for itself, it keeps delivering free energy. You’ve helped create a real power plant!

This is a great time to buy solar energy systems, because governments and utilities will pay part of the price of your solar equipment.

Solar panels mounted on pole outside of schoolMICRO-INVERTERS
We like using the Enphase Energy's micro-inverters because they allow you to start with just a single panel, and, if you want, to expand by adding one panel and one micro-inverter at a time.  Another benefit of this micro-inverter is that it allows panels to keep producing electricity even if other panels are in the shade.  With most inverters, even a small amount of shade can reduce the efficiency of other panels by more than half.  Strange but true.

Using the Enphase Energy system makes it easy to put your solar power output and statistics on the internet!  Don’t you want to know exactly how much electricity you’re generating each day and over time?  That’s what we do here in our offices, and you can check out our system by going here:

battery box for the solar power


The micro-inverter system also means the exposure to high voltage is lessened. Of course, you still need a licensed electrician to wire the system up with your electrical supply.

The smallest micro-inverter system is the Enphase 170 system.  It has only a single panel, but it also comes with all the necessary roof or ground mounting hardware from a company called Unirac. Call Wholesale Solar if you need a larger Enphase micro-inverter system.

Call us if you have questions about how we can make this work for your project. We’re really good at helping people start making their own electricity, even if you have no idea where to start.  We’ve already helped lots of students get their own solar power projects running!

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