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Solar ProPack™ Design and Permitting Service

The Most Comprehensive Solar Optimization and Permitting Package Available

Most off-grid, grid-tied and other solar power installations share one frequently overlooked component: the planning and permitting process. Proper assessment, placement and alignment of solar panels, in conjunction with the layers of documentation necessary for permits, can easily become the most time-consuming (and frustrating) aspect of any solar installation.

Recognizing this potential hurdle, Wholesale Solar has created the Solar ProPack™, a comprehensive service that's designed to help you get the most out of your solar installation and speed you through the permitting process.

3D Modeling, Shade Analysis and PV Module Optimization

The Solar ProPack™ experience begins with design and optimization. When purchasing a system from Wholesale Solar, one of our Design Technicians will work with you to determine the type and size of system that best meets your needs. Then, before preparing your permit documentation, we'll create a custom Design and Optimization Report to help you asses any unforeseen obstructions and determine the best mounting locations for your solar panels.

Every Design and Optimization Report includes the following:

  • Site Plan – Using satellite imagery, we create a scaled plot plan with roof dimensions, site features and obstructions, solar panel count with dimensions, optimal tilt and azimuth settings and projected overall annual yield in KWh.
  • 3D Shading Analysis - Taking into account your physical location, altitude and on-site obstructions, the 3D Shading Analysis provides highly accurate forecasts, detailing each panel's potential average output.
  • Solar Performance Data Sheet - A comprehensive overview that includes month-by-month output projections of your solar array in all possible mounting locations. These highly detailed projections take into account numerous derating factors including shade, snow, dirt, light-induced degradation and more!

Permit Preparation with Proven Results

Working with researchers, engineers and municipalities across the country, we are able to stay up-to-date on local permit requirements. This is why 95% of our Solar ProPack™ customers have their permits approved on their first submittal.

Our standard permitting package features the following:

  • Cover Page - Aerial photograph, project notes and scope of work.
  • Notes Page - Lists installation notes for the site, equipment locations, wiring and conduit, structural, grounding, interconnects and disconnects.
  • Site Plan - Includes a scaled site plan with orientation, property lines and electrical overview.
  • Project Plan - A more detailed view of electrical component and solar panel locations.
  • Three-Line Diagram - Includes a detailed schematic, bill of materials and NEC electrical calculations for conductors.
  • Placard, Sticker, and Label Guide - Displays all the required warning labels and placards, lists corresponding electrical codes and where each label or placard should be placed.
  • Racking Details - Structural diagram showing all mounting methods, associated hardware, weights and measurements.
  • Data Sheets - Includes manufacturers datasheets for all major components used in your system including solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, optimizers and mounting racks.
  • Optional Engineering Services - We work with engineers across the country, so if your jurisdiction requires one or more engineering stamps, we can have your permit professionally reviewed and stamped for a nominal fee.

Solar ProPack™ pricing starts at just $799 for single-phase residential systems less than 10 kilowatts and varies depending on local regulations, system size and configuration. To learn more about our Solar ProPack™ pricing and services, contact one of our Design Technicians.

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