Texas is quickly becoming one of the nation's leaders in photovoltaics.

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Texas Solar Incentives
Updated January 18, 2013

Texas ranks 13th among the states for installed PV power and is quickly emerging as one of the nation's leaders in solar. It already is the leader when it comes to wind development, and is, in fact, the home to the world's largest wind farm, Roscoe Wind Farm. As the second largest state, Texas has plenty of room to expand, and plenty of sunshine to harness. Residents currently can get "per watt" funding for their PV projects through their utility companies, and can combine these with the 30 Percent Federal Tax Credit, various property tax credits, loans, and net metering in certain areas.

There are quite a few fantastic solar incentives out there. We've highlighted a few of them on this page... Wholesale Solar is encouraging Texans to research their utility companies rebates. Read further. If you don't see your utility company, scroll down this page and find yours. If you find that rebates at your utility company are fully subscribed, this website is also good place to check for updates.

El Paso Electric, AEP-TCC, AEP-TNC and Swepco have generous 2013 rebates. AEP-TCC, AEP-TNC and Swepco are offering $1.50 per DC watt rebate for residential projects and $1.25 per watt for non-residential, with exception of Swepco, who offers $1.20 per watt for non-residential projects. El Paso Electric is offering $0.75 per watt rebates and giving priority to residential customers. Folks in the City of El Paso will receive $1.00 per watt rebate with priority given to commercial projects. Go to this website to read more on these programs.

Austin Energy customers can get up to $2.00 per watt for their system, but they don't like to publish it on the website because the rate often changes. Read more. Austin Energy is also one of the few utility companies to offer a net metering program (for businesses only), and performance-based incentives for homeowners and business owners.

San Antonioís CPS Energy Solar Initiative Rebate Program is offering tiered incentives ranging from $1.30 to $2.50 per watt based on the calculated expected performance of the system. With the exception of Tier Four, registered CPS Energy Installers must be used. Read more.

Tier One: Eligibility: Schools (private or public)
$2.50 per watt (W) for the first 25 kilowatts (kW) and $1.30 per watt for any additional capacity up to $100,000 maximum.

Tier Two: Residential Customers: $2.00 per watt up to $25,000 maximum.

Tier Three: Commercial customers: $2.00 per watt for the first 25 kilowatts (kW) and $1.30 per watt for any additional capacity up to $100,000 maximum.

Tier Four: Commercial Customers, who do not use local, registered CPS Energy Installers: $1.30/W up to $25,000 maximum.

Net metering programs in Texas are few and vary greatly among the utility companies. Some folks are lobbying for a consistent net metering program across the state. There are few out there:

  • Austin Energy offers net metering for business with systems up to 20 kW in size.
  • The City of Brenham offers net-metering to homeowners and business owners, as well as government sectors and schools. Systems can be up to 10 mW in size.
  • Green Mountain Energy offers net metering to their residential customers for system up to 25 kW in size.

Ground-mounted Solar Array

Tax Exemptions for Homeowners and Business Owners

Texas offers a 100 percent property tax exemption on the appraised value of your property that comes from installing solar or wind powered energy systems. Commercial, industrial or residential sectors can all take advantage of this.

The state also allows for a corporate deduction from the state’s franchise tax for renewable energy sources. Business owners can deduct the total cost of the system from the company’s taxable capital or take 10 percent of the system’s cost off the company’s income. Read more.

Companies engaged solely in the business of manufacturing, selling, or installing solar energy devices are exempted from the franchise tax. The franchise tax is Texas’s equivalent to a corporate tax. There is no ceiling on this exemption, so it is a substantial incentive for solar manufacturers. Read more.

Are you ready for Backup Power? Find out more. If you purchase a Backup Power System that includes solar panels, you'll qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit. Read more.


  • Generous rebate programs are available through residents' utility company
  • Only a few utility companies offer net metering and the programs vary dramatically.
  • Some Texans are lobbying for Texas to adopt a cohesive net metering program.
  • Property taxes exemptions are available for the increased value of your home or business.
  • May be combined with the 30% Federal tax credit.
View our Gridtie and Offgrid Solar Power Systems, or contact one of our experienced sales technicians to find out more at 800 / 472-1142 or .
All State and Federal tax credits are subject to an individualís relationship with their stateís department of revenue and the Internal Revenue Service. Please check with your CPA for full legal details.


DSIRE Texas Incentives and Policy for Renewable Energy

DSIRE Property Tax Incentive for Residential, Business or Commercial Projects

DSIRE Texas Corporate Tax Deduction

Texas Distributed Renewable Generation Incentive Programs

30% Residential Federal Tax Credit

30% Corporate Tax Credit

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