Wholesale Solar's Power Central 240v 4400-watt Battery Backup Power System.

Four Star Solar
Model: WSS4400 Power Central
Brand: Four Star Solar
Product Type: Back up Power
UPG Batteries
Magnum Energy
Item: Price:
9344480 CALL

With 10.1 kwh of storage capacity, the compact WSS 4400 Watt USA Power Central 48VDC will keep the lights on and the refrigerator running when the power goes out.

Brownouts and blackouts cut your home's crucial electrical supply. This backup power system can keep the furnace fan running, the refrigerator cool, communications online and your home's security system functional.

Ready to Plug In
Our Four Star Solar crew assembles and wires  American-made inverters, metal housing and batteries for an emergency power system that arrives pre-tested and ready to plug in. The WSS4400 Power Central keeps batteries charged by being plugged into your household grid. When a blackout happens the inverter instantly starts powering critical loads from the batteries until the power comes back on when it automatically re-charges its batteries and goes into standby. Housed in a locking Midnite e-panel, it comes with an easy-to-use monitoring system so you can check your power supply anytime of day. See below for a complete list of parts and call us if you need more information.

Charging Your Back-up System
This system is plugged into an electrical outlet and the batteries are kept charged by the utility grid, ready to provide power when the grid goes down. It could also be charged by solar panels or a generator. Adding solar panels to this system would qualify you for a 30% Federal Tax Credit. Wholesale Solar offers Solar Panel Add-on Options for this system. AC coupling for gridtie installations may also be an option for you. Be sure to ask a Sales Tech for more information.

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Midnite Solar
product specs
Product Specifications
If you add even one solar panel to this system, it will qualify for a Federal Tax Credit equal to 30% of the installed cost.

Power Central Backup Power Systems, Grid-Powered
Inverter Output AC Volts #of Batteries Power Supply Part Number
Model: WSS 4400 Watt Power Central 48VDC *
4,400 watts 240 8 UPG UB-GC2 AGM 200 aH 6V Battery Grid / Solar Array 9344480

Accessories Watts   Shipping Weight Part Number
Relay System
    - 9987653 CALL
10,8008 US AGM 2000 210 aH 6V Battery - 9335003 CALL
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Power Central Backup Power System

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