14 Canadian Solar panels and a Solectria inverter. This Grid-tie Solar Power System is an excellent choice for your home or business.

Model: Canadian Solar Grid-tie Solar Power System
Canadian Solar
Solectria Renewables
Item: Price:
2826000 $8787.00

The Canadian Solar Grid-tie system combines fourteen 190-watt Canadian Solar panels with a powerful Solectria Inverter. This unbeatable system is a great power solution for your home or business.

The Solectria PVI3000 inverter comes with a DC disconnect. Its aluminum construction and high efficiency design provide full rated power in ambient temperatures up to 130F, with no derating. Canadian Solar panels' meticulous design ensure a high-yield and long-term performance.

And, at $3.30 per watt, you will be hard pressed to find a better deal. This is the lowest price before state and federal rebates. With the Federal Tax credit alone, your price per watt for this system is $2.31 watt.

Please see below for a detailed list of components, and call Wholesale Solar at 1-800-472-1142 for more information.

Solectria Inverter
Solectria PVI3000 Gridtie Inverter, 3,000 watts Canadian Solar CSI CS6P-190 e-Module
product specs
Product Specifications
Canadian Solar System Model
Array Size
Price Per Watt for system
Monthly Output based on 5 sun hours per day PTC**
# of Solar
Inverter Model
Price 9/2009*
WSS Canadian Solar Gridtie 190 2660 / 2353 



14 Canadian Solar 190 watt solar panel

Solectria PV13000 Gridtie Inverter
2826000 $8,787*
*Please be aware that these prices may change daily. Call Wholesale Solar for current pricing: 1-800-472-1142
**STC is Standard Test conditions or factory ratings. PTC is PV-USA Test Ratings which are closer to real world conditions. Your unique conditions will affect your system output.
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Components of the Canadian Solar Grid-tie Solar Power System

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