Grid Tie Solar Power System 10,080 watt.

Model: Grid Tie Solar Power System WSS Select 10080  
kyocera solar panels
solectria inverters
Ironridge Solar Panels Racks
Item: Includes Racks Price:
2210080 Yes CALL
2210081 No CALL

Forty-eight Kyocera KD210 solar panels and two powerful Solectria inverters combine for an unbeatable solar electric system for your home or business. Power from the sun pours onto the panels and down to the inverter which perfectly syncs your home and grid power needs. Feeding your household needs first, excess power is then fed backwards through your electric meter for a credit from the power company.

The grid-tie solar power system WSS Select 10080 is virtually maintenance-free, and with an expected life of over 30 years, your investment increases in value every time electricity rates go up.

This system qualifies for a Federal Tax
Credit of 30% of the installed cost!

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Grid Tie Solar Power System

1210080 2210081
product specs product specs
Product Specifications With Racks Product Specifications No Racks

WSS System Racks Array Size
Price Per Watt Monthly Output based on 5 sun hours per day # of Solar
Inverter Product
WSS Select 10080
Includes Racks 10,080/8,856 $3.94 up to 1,512kWh 48 Kyocera KD210 2 Solectria PVI5000 2210080
WSS Select 10080
No Racks 10,080/8,856 $3.74 up to 1,512kWh 48 Kyocera KD210 2 Solectria PVI5000 2210081
*Please be aware that these prices may change daily. Call Wholesale solar for current pricing: 1-800-472-1142
**STC is Standard Test conditions or factory ratings. PTC is PV-USA Test Ratings which are closer to real world conditions. Your unique conditions will affect your system output.

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Grid Tie Solar Power System WSS Select 10080 With Racks

Grid Tie Solar Power System WSS Select 100800 With No Racks

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