MyGen solar power systems by Kyocera are complete grid-tie solar power systems. These systems include Kyocera KD 180GX-LP 180-watt solar panels, PV Powered inverters designed uniquely for MyGen and Unirac mounting structures.

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MyGen Complete Solar Power Grid-tie Systems By Kyocera
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The MyGen™ Grid-Tie Photovoltaic (PV) Power System consists of Kyocera solar panels, a DC-to-AC power conversion inverter, DC wiring, DC and AC over current protection, lightning protection, component mounting and mechanical support.

The modular, packaged systems can be expanded to form larger systems, depending upon user need, availability of unshadowed roof space and existing or planned electrical utility configuration.

The MyGen™ System is designed for use on residential and small commercial buildings of typical construction. Mounting is rafter-secured for structural compliance with most local building codes. MyGen™ complies with the 2002 National Electrical Code (NEC-2002), ICBO 2000-International Building Code, IEEE Std 929-2000-Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Recommended Practices for Utility Interface of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, and the UL 1741-Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Safety-Static Inverters and Charge Controllers for Use in Photovoltaic Power Systems
Attention federal solar tax credits have been extended to 2017. MyGen solar power systems may be eligible for state and federal solar tax credits and rebates.

MyGen solar power systems
Array Size
Monthly Output based on 5 sun hours per day Number of Solar
Panels (Kyocera KD180GX)
PV Powered Inverter Product
1440 /   8 1100 watt   Coming Soom!
2160 /   12 2000 watt   Coming Soom!
3600 /   20 3000 watt   Coming Soom!
4320 /   24 3500 watt   Coming Soom!
5040 /   28 4800 watt   Coming Soom!
*Please be aware that these prices may change. Call Wholesale solar for current pricing: 1-800-472-1142
**STC is Standard Test conditions or factory ratings. PTC is Practical Test Ratings which are closer to real world conditions. Your unique conditions will affect your system output.

Kyocera MyGen System Features

  • 48 multi-crystalline cells connected in series.
  • Peak power of 180 Watts at 23.6 Volts.
  • Rugged extruded aluminum and tempered glass construction.
  • Worry free operation with virtually no maintenance.
  • 20 year limited warranty on power output, 10 year limited warranty on inverter and 1 year limited warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • Disconnects, Wiring, and Ancillary Equipment.
  • AC and DC disconnect.
  • PB array circuit combiners. Inverter optimized for highest efficiency with Kyocera solar modules.
  • Flexible metal conduit for wiring between the inverter and disconnects.
  • MC locking connectors.
  • Grounding equipment.
  • Module grounding wire.
  • Kyocera Electrical Design Drawings and general instructions for system assemble.
  • All original manufacturers' documentation, including user manuals and warranty statements.

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Kyocera MyGen Solar Electric System FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a MyGen solar power system work at my home?
My home has a tile roof.  Is this a problem?
Do I have to use batteries to store the electricity I will need to use at night?
How much maintenance is required for a MyGen solar power system?
What about weather damage to solar panels?
What size MyGen solar power system system do I need?
Which solar panels does this system use?
Will I save any money using a MyGen solar power system or am I just doing something nifty for the environment?


Will a MyGen solar power system work at my home?

If your roof or some other area on your property has a southern exposure which is unshaded from about 9 or 9:30 a.m. until 4 or 4:30 p.m., then a MyGen system will work for you.

My home has a tile roof.  Is this a problem?

Not at all. MyGen solar power systems come with appropriate mounting hardware for composition (asphalt) shingle, flat concrete tiles, mission or Spanish tile roofs and even slate roofs. Experienced PV installers will use roofing techniques that eliminate the potential for leaks.

Do I have to use batteries to store the electricity I will need to use at night?

With a Kyocera MyGen grid-intertied solar electric system, you will draw electricity from your local utility at night, as you do now.   In essence you are storing the extra electricity you produce in the utility grid.   If power outages are common in your area you may want to ask a solar technician at Wholesale Solar to recommend a small battery backup system to power emergency loads when the grid goes down.

How much maintenance is required for a MyGen solar power system?

Kyocera MyGen solar power systems are virtually maintenance free.  20-year warranties on the solar panels indicate our confidence in the long life of solar panels.

What about weather damage to solar panels?

Kyocera solar panels pass rigorous testing for hail and wind impact.  They are tested for their ability to withstand dramatic temperature changes, humidity cycling and thermal shock.

What size MyGen solar power system do I need?

The size of your system will depend on how much of your electricity need you want provided by clean solar energy. A small MyGen solar power system might meet only 10% of your electrical needs to begin with, but panels and inverters can be added when you are ready to expand.

A larger system could handle from half to all of your needs.

Which solar panels does this system use?

MyGen solar power system uses Kyocera KD 180 GX-LP 180 watt solar panels. These solar panels use d.Blue module technology to optimize panel efficiency.

Will I save any money using a MyGen solar power system or am I just doing something nifty for the environment?

You ARE doing something really nifty for the environment by choosing clean solar energy. A Kyocera MyGen solar power system provides you with clean electricity unlike the electricity that is produced from conventional energy sources such as oil, gas coal, and nuclear power. Each of those sources produces greenhouse gases or radioactive waste, which are incredibly difficult to dispose of.

But ALSO, you will have the financial stability of energy price once you have purchased and installed your MyGen system.  For the part of the electricity your MyGen solar power system provides, you will not have price increases for the life of the system. 

Purchase of a solar electric system helps relieve your local community’s utility provider of the burden of adding more power plants. You are helping provide solutions to environmental pollution while offsetting the need to build more power plants.

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