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Model: Small Off-grid Home 1
Brand: Four Star Solar, Astronergy, Magnum Energy, Midnite Solar
Product Type:Off-grid Solar Systems, RV and Marine
"This system would also be appropriate for larger mobile/marine applications requiring AC current.  It's expandable up to 6, 8 or 9 solar modules." 
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AC Power for your Cabin
Give your get-away cabin all of the comforts of home with an expandable off-grid solar power system that includes four powerful Astronergy 250-watt black solar panels. Could power a small efficient refrigerator and/or stereo, computer, lights and a TV. As with all battery-based systems, conscious energy conservation is necessary to ensure the longevity of the batteries. If you time your activities for daylight, running energy intensive appliances like a washing machine or even power tools wont take too much out of your batteries. This is a great starter system to use with a backup generator.

True Sinewave
Clean sinewave power from the Magnum Energy inverter is the heart of this small off-grid system. This inverter converts the DC, or Direct Current, electricity produced by your solar panels into a clean form of AC, or Alternating Current, electricity that is compatible with sensitive electronics like TV’s and computers. You won’t get background fuzz on your stereo or weird lines on the TV screen that you would with modified sinewave inverters.

An easy-to-install Four Star Solar Power Center will get your off grid system up and running lickity split! The power center includes a Magnum Energy MS4024 inverter and all of the necessary safety components. Because it is pre-assembled, wired and tested you save time and money and eliminate the risk of “smoking” your inverter by installing it wrong.

120 Volt AC Power
This off-grid solar system will deliver full power to a 120-volt load, and produce up to 136 kilowatt hours of electricity each month. Use our Off-grid Sizing Worksheet (PDF) to estimate your future power use, and call Wholesale Solar to customize any off-grid project you may have: 1 (800) 472-1142. We’ll be happy to help you get started.

Choose a Battery Option that suits your needs below, and be sure to ask us about your racking options.

Off Grid Home with Solar Panel

Model Array Size Monthly Output based on 5 sun hours per day # of Solar
Small Off-grid Home 1
1,000 Watts Up to136 KWh 4 Astronergy Solar Panels 1890700
*Please be aware that these prices may change daily. Call Wholesale solar for current pricing: 1 (800) 472-1142
** Your unique conditions will affect your system output.

Battery Options**
Battery Options
Ampere Hour (Ah)
# of Batteries
Product Number
Surrette Battery Bank
Interconnect Cables and Refractometer
Surrette Battery Bank
415 Ah
Interconnect Cables
Surrette Battery Bank
856 Ah
Battery Cables and Refractometer
Surrette Battery Bank
1,284 Ah
Battery Cables and Refractometer
Surrette AGM Battery Bank
830 Ah
Battery Cables
UPG Battery Bank
200 Ah
Battery Cables
UPG Battery Bank
400 Ah
Battery Cables
UPG Battery Bank
600 Ah
Battery Cables
Call one of our techs at Wholesale Solar for additional battery bank recommendations - 1 (800) 472 - 1142 or take a look at our battery bank page.
**Note: Your battery bank must be carefully sized to your system. Too small a battery bank risks overcharging and can destroy your batteries. A battery bank that is too large for your system will be damaged by long term undercharging, unless you add a supplemental source of battery charging such as a generator.

Generator Start Module Options
Model Description Item Price
Magnum ME AGS-N generator start module 2911442

Mounting Options
Mounting Options Product Number Price
Iron Ridge XRL - one rack per module - includes grounding (4 racks needed) XRL Installation Manual 6932915
Iron Ridge XRS - one rack per module - includes grounding (4 racks needed) XRS Installation Manual 6913220
Iron Ridge XRS w/ Fixed Tilt Legs - one rack per module - includes grounding (4 racks needed) XRS Installation Manual 6932501
To avoid possible warrenty issues, Wholesale Solar suggests configuration D. Please feel free to call us about other configurations or racking options.

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