Solar well water pumps for off-grid, agriculture and home wells.

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getting started designing your solar power well system

getting started designing your solar power well system

Surface Pumps

Wholesale Solar sells surface pumps from Dankoff Solar, Highlifter Water Systems, Lorentz, SHURflo and SunPumps.

Surface pumps are designed to pump from a shallow source such as a pond or river, however need filtration as they can be sensitive. These pumps can also be utilized to pump from a holding tank into the water system of a house including a pressure tank. Surface pumps always have a dry run switch for protection if water source dries up

Suction Life Diagram

The suction lift for surface pumps is no more than 20 feet.To figure out the suction lift, subtract a foot for every thousand feet you rise in elevation. A Suction Lift exists when the liquid is taken from an open atmosphere tank where the liquid level is below the centerline of the pump suction.

Pressure/booster pumps are a type of surface pump that need a pressure tank in series in order to run.


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