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Kohler PowerSync Automatic Paralleling Module

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Product Information

Model Part No. Size & Weight Price
Kohler PowerSync Automatic Paralleling Module18705778.2 × 18.3 × 32.6 in
38 lbs
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Kohler PowerSync Automatic Paralleling Module

The PowerSync™ Automatic Paralleling Module is designed for two 14RESA or two 20RESA single-phase product. PowerSync enables the paralleling of two Kohler single-phase generator sets to reduce fuel consumption, provide redundant operation, and extend the life of the generator sets.

Provides Fuel Efficiency and Redudant Operation

  • Automatically synchronizes two generator sets
  • Provides redundancy - if one generator set requires service or even fails, the other generator set is still available to provide power to your critical electronics
  • Smart generator management runs one generator set when power requirements are low, and automatically starts, synchronizes, and connects the second generator set when the load increases
  • NEMA 3R aluminum enclosure for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Automatic paralleling requires two model 14RESA or 20RESA generator sets with the RDC2 Controller, one RXT automatic transfer and one Automatic Paralleling Module
  • Compatible with RXT automatic transfer switch, Load Control Module, Programmable Interface Module and OnCue®
  • Multiple Patent Pending Innovations
Note: installation must be performed by a certified Kohler technician.
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Kohler PowerSync Automatic Paralleling Module

Spec. Sheet
Installation Manual
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KOHLER Power Systems is a division of Kohler Co., and provides complete power systems, including generators (home, industrial, mobile and marine), automatic transfer switches, switchgear, monitoring controls, and accessories for emergency, prime power and energy-management applications. KOHLER Power Systems has delivered energy solutions for markets worldwide since 1920.

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