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Commercial 50kW 480V Three Phase Gridtie System for 160 72 Cell Poly Modules

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Product Information

System Part No. Array Size (STC) Monthly Output (PTC) Panels Price
Commercial 50kW 480V Three Phase Gridtie System for 160 72 Cell Poly Modules189307052 kW7,080 kWh160 Astronergy CHSM6612P-325 Silver Poly Solar Panels

Racking not included.

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Commercial 100kW 480V Three Phase Gridtie System

Wholesale Solar’s 100kW Gridtie Commercial System includes high quality JA Solar modules with the SolarEdge Inverter System — a revolutionary way of maximizing the sun’s power using SolarEdge Power Optimizers. The SolarEdge Power Optimizers maximize energy throughput from the modules through constant MPPT tracking. Because SolarEdge Power Optimizers automatically maintain a fixed string voltage, the SolarEdge inverter works at optimal efficiency.  Benefits include:

  • Up to 25% increase in power output.
  • Faster installations with less wiring.
  • Maximum roof utilization.
  • Safest solar system! With built in arc fault detection and SafeDC feature.
  • Built-in monitoring for unprecedented remote maintenance capabilities.
  • 25-year warranty on power optimizers and 12-year warranty on inverters.

Why is a SolarEdge System Better Than a Traditional Gridtie System? In a traditional gridtie system, if only one solar panel in your system is shaded it affects the output of the entire string. In a SolarEdge system, Power Optimizers are paired up to each solar panel allowing panels to operate independently at optimal performance.

Fewer Constraints and More Flexibility in the Design Process:

  • Temperature is not a factor because fixed string voltage ensures the inverter always operates at its peak efficiency voltage and prevents under-voltage power losses even on hot days.
  • Panels don’t all have to be facing the same way.
  • Different string lengths can now be accommodated.
  • Solar power ratings and technologies can vary.

Monitoring Options for Your System. The SolarEdge Module Monitoring portal is a web-based application that provides performance monitoring of your solar panels, fault detection and automatic alerts for accurate troubleshooting localized on a virtual site map. Monitoring is simple with the use of ethernet cable, ethernet bridge, or GSM cellular connection (sold separately.) If you have any questions regarding this system, or would like to request a shipping quote, call us at 1-800-472-1142 or email [email protected].

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Features & Attributes

  • 480Vac Three Phase inverter output
  • Racking/mounting hardware sold separately
  • MPN: 1893070
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SolarEdge SE20K Inverter

Spec. Sheet
Installation Manual

Astronergy CHSM6612P-325 Silver Poly Solar Panel

Spec. Sheet
Installation Manual
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Racking/Mounting Options

Item Picture Recommended Quantity Part Number Price
Evolution FR Ballasted custom system
Evolution FR Ballasted custom system
1 per panel, 160 total6911010CALL
XR100 Option D racks per 77" X 39" Module inc. Grounding
XR100 Option D racks per 77
1 per panel, 160 total6913231CALL
3" SGA per 77" X 39" per module
1 per panel, 160 total6912154CALL
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