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20kW Kohler Full-Home Backup Generator Package

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Product Information

Model Part No. Watts (LPG/Natural Gas) Amps (LPG/Natural Gas) Volts AC Price
20kW Kohler Full-Home Backup Generator Package189410020,000 / 18,000W83A120/240VAC
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Wholesale Solar’s 20kW Kohler Full-home backup package is designed to provide a complete backup power solution for most households. The 20RESA generator is typically large enough to cover an entire household and the included RXT 200a service-entrance transfer switch is designed to provide power to an entire 200a service panel during a power outage. This package includes Kohler's 20RESA generator, RXT 200a service entrance outdoor transfer switch, OnCue monitoring, heaters, and maintenance kit. Starter battery is not included, requires one 12v group 51 automotive starter battery.
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Kohler 20RESC 20kW, 120/240V UL Generator

Product Manual
Spec. Sheet
Installation Manual
Dimensional Drawing

Kohler RXT 200A / 240V Outdoor Entrance Transfer Switch

Spec. Sheet

Kohler Fuel Regulator Heater Kit, 120V, 20 kW

Spec. Sheet

Kohler RXT Transfer Switch Status and Load Shed Indicator

Spec. Sheet

Kohler Carburetor Heater 120V - 8/10/12RESV(L)/20RESC(L)

Spec. Sheet

Kohler OnCue Plus Generator Management System, RDC2/DC2/VSC Controller

Spec. Sheet
Quick Start Guide

Kohler CH1000 Maintenance Kit, 18/20 kW

Spec. Sheet
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20kW Kohler Full-Home Backup Generator Package

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