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Spice Solar Microinverter/Optimizer Mounting Kit 10 Pack

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Spice Solar:
  • Easy installation
  • High wind/snow loading
  • Sleek, low-profile appearance with black frame and hardware

Product Information

Model Part No. Price
Spice Solar Microinverter/Optimizer Mounting Kit 10 Pack1960375CALL


Spice Solar Microinverter Optimizer Bracket

The Spice Solar microinverter-optimizer bracket connects securely to the side of each Spice Certified module. The bracket is designed to fit all popular microinverters and optimizers.
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Spice Solar Microinverter/Optimizer Mounting Kit 10 Pack

Installation Manual
Installation Tips
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About Spice Solar

Spice Solar features premium solar panels with built-in racking. By integrating the racking into the panel frame, Spice Solar has reduced the number of parts needed for installation while still achieving high wind and snow loading. The panels feature a black frame and back sheet for an aesthetically pleasing, low-profile appearance that blends seamlessly into most roof tops. Spice Solar attaches to your roof using industry-standard flashings, tile hooks, and metal roof clamps and can be installed on any roof type. Back to Top