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Other Manufacturer P660250AC Solar Panel

Product Information

Model Part No. Watts Amps Volts Price
Other Manufacturer P660250AC Solar Panel1972459250W


ET Solar's P6600250AC AC solar panels combine their highly efficient P660 Series solar panels with SolarBridge Pantheon II microinverters. 

How could these AC Solar panels benefit you? Normally solar panels need an inverter to convert the DC power they generate into AC Power, the kind of power homes and businesses use. Because AC solar panels come with built-in microinverters, they come ready to generate AC power. Not only are they safer and cheaper to install, they will generate 25% more power than solar panels in a traditional centralized grid-tied systems. AC solar panels pre-wired with SolarBridge microinverters are quickly becoming the trend. Read more.

Systems with P660250AC 250-watt solar panels will harvest up to 25% more energy than conventional PV systems because:

  • Solar panels can operate independently of each other. if one solar panel is operating at less than optimal level, the other solar panels can continue to operate efficiently.
  • Shading and solar panel mismatching take a much smaller toll on your system's overall energy production.
  • There is more flexibility in how solar panels can be placed. (They don't all have to be facing the same direction.)
  • You can rely on web-based, real-time monitoring to make sure your system is running smoothly at all times.

The ET-P660 series solar panels performed better than other Tier 1 multi-crystalline solar panels tested outdoors under the same conditions in a test performed by PHOTON. The more efficient your solar panels are, the better the return on your investment will be over time. 

ET solar panels come with a competitive 25-year linear power warranty and a 10-year workmanship and materials warranty. The SolarBridge Pantheon II microinverters have a separate 25-year limited warranty. If you have any questions regarding this panel or how AC solar panels could work for you, contact us at 1-800-472-1142 or [email protected].

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Features & Attributes

  • Ready to generate AC power
  • Anti-theft design
  • No separate grounding for DC wires
  • Web-based, real time monitoring for each module
  • Silver anodized aluminum frame
  • 60-cell polycrystalline module
  • IEC, CEC, and UL listed
  • Member of PV Cycle, an international organization dedicated to recycling solar panels
  • MPN: P660250AC
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Other Manufacturer P660250AC Solar Panel

Spec. Sheet
Installation Manual
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