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Wholesale Solar no longer offers the Astronergy CHSM5409M-90 Silver Mono Solar Panel

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Astronergy CHSM5409M-90 Silver Mono Solar Panel

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Astronergy Solar Panels:
  • Reinsured warranty
  • Excellent combination of performance and value

Product Information

Model Part No. Watts Amps Volts Price
Astronergy CHSM5409M-90 Silver Mono Solar Panel197709090W5.03A


Astronergy CHSM 5409M solar panels are manufactured using p-type mono-crystalline silicon wafers sourced from the United States. The modules are made up of 36-cells and offer a 13.5 percent efficiency rating with a power tolerance ratio of -0/+5 Wp. 

Astronergy CHSM 5409M solar panels are manufactured with rugged anodized aluminum frames and use sealedpower loss insurance that comes with this solar panel. 

These mono-crystalline, PV modules have also passed a series of salt and mist corrosion tests administered by Intertek, a leading international standards & certification authority.  Astronergy’s mono-crystalline PV modules are well suited for marine and/or mobile R.V applications.

If you have any questions regarding this panel or any other brand, please be sure to contact us at 1-800-472-1142 or [email protected]. If you have a power bill handy, we'll be able to get started right away. 

Please note: Astronergy Solar panels are listed under "Chint Solar" on the CEC list. 
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Astronergy CHSM5409M-90 Silver Mono Solar Panel

Spec. Sheet
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About Astronergy

Astronergy Solar was founded in October of 2006 as a subsidiary of the Chint group. Headquartered in the Zhejiang province of China, Astronergy specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of solar modules. The company is represented worldwide, with offices in Germany, Spain, Australia, Korea, and with the U.S headquarters in Los Angeles. In February of 2010, Astronergy was the only company in the photovoltaic industry to receive the "China outstanding Enterprise of the Year Award".

Astronergy has taken the lead in the development of thin film modules by engineering cells with a stabilized conversion efficiency of more than 9 percent. The company is well known for producing superior 60-cell and 72-cell mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline modules.

Astronergy is the first company in Mainland China to use the Manufacturing Execution System in solar cell production, setting new quality control standards in module production. Solar cells are initially sorted by power range. In order to minimize losses caused by electrical mismatch, they are further sorted and grouped by the current they produce. Astronergy solar modules are thoroughly tested before and after the lamination process to ensure quality and performance standards, and the entire manufacturing process is strictly monitored using statistical data, in fully automated, state-of-the-art facilities.

Astronergy's crystalline modules have been rigorously subjected to a series of salt and mist corrosion tests in accordance with IEC 61701 standards at Intertek. Only a handful of the world's top module manufacturers have announced the passing of these tests. Intertek is an international provider of quality and safety standardization services, and are highly regarded by European and international customers.

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