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Wholesale Solar no longer offers the Magnum Energy MM-RC25 Inverter Remote

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Magnum Energy MM-RC25 Inverter Remote

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Magnum Energy:
  • Wide range of inverter/chargers for any application
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Industry-leading durability
  • Made in USA

Product Information

Model Part No. Description Size & Weight Price
Magnum Energy MM-RC25 Inverter Remote 2902542Magnum MM Inverter-Remote Control MM-RC253 × 2 × 1 in
.8 lbs


Magnum Energy MM-RC25 Inverter Remote

The optional ME-RC remote control is simple to use, yet allows all the set-up features of the ME, MS, MS-ME, and RD Series inverters. The ME-RC controls the ME-AGS automatic generator start using a network connection to the inverter. This remote has convenient finger-tip operation, including one-knob programming. The new ME-ARC advanced remote offers even more control of the setup.

The optional Auto Generator Start (AGS) module automatically starts and stops most major generator brands. The generator can automatically start based on low battery voltage or on the inside temperature, starting a generator to run an air conditioner when the temperature of an RV or cabin rises to a user-settable level. The ME-AGS-S is the 'standalone' version of Magnum Energy's Automatic Generator Start (AGS) controllers, and can be used in power systems that don't have a Magnum inverter. The ME-AGS-N is the 'network' version of Magnum Energy's Automatic Generator Start (AGS) controllers and is setup and operated via a Magnum Energy Inverter and ME-RC or ME-ARC remote panel. When using the ME-RC Remote, the ME-AGS-N has basic adjustments starting on battery voltage or temperature. When using the ME-ARC remote, the ME-AGS-N has advanced start and stop settings based on: Time of day, Battery State of Charge, battery voltage, high temperature, or inverter load amps. Also includes the ability to manually turn the generator ON and off, generator exercise, warm-up and cool-down. The optional ME-SSI allows series connection of two MS4024 inverters for 120/240VAc split-phase output at 8kW total power output.

ME-BMK monitors battery percentage state-of-charge (SOC), along with amps, voltage, amp hours and min/max DC volts, and then provides this information in an easy-to-understand display via the ME-RC or ME-ARC remotes. Kit includes a sense module, shunt and wiring. The MM-RC provides on/off control and a quick indication of inverter and charger operation.

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About Magnum Energy

When Xantrex bought Trace, a few of their key people started Magnum Energy. Established in 2002 in Everett, Washington, Magnum Energy went on to make great strides in the renewable energy field with their high-quality inverters.
A company that doesn't just rest on their brand name, Magnum Energy's research and development team is constantly pushing the boundaries of inverter technology. They pioneered the technology behind power factor corrected battery chargers, which is in each and every one of their inverters. This innovation is the most efficient way to charge batteries. Magnum Inverters save you the time, money and hassle it takes to gas up your generators. Another nice feature of Magnum Energy inverters (whether they are 120 VAC or 240 VAC) is that they can accept 120 or 240 VAC power input to help charge the batteries without the use of a transformer.
Magnum Energy has also made advances with AC Coupling, which allows a solar power grid-tie system to work with a backup battery system that can be charged even during grid black outs. This is a perfect add-on for folks who want to include a battery back-up package to their pre-existing grid-tie system. Read more about AC coupling here.
Magnum Energy inverters are also good-looking, safe, easy-to-use and American-made. Wholesale Solar was one of the first renewable energy companies to distribute Magnum Energy. We carry all Magnum Energy Inverters for RV, Marine, or Back-up power. We have also have teamed up with Magnum Energy to create to power centers called the Mini-Magnum Power Centers. The MS4024PAE and the MS4448PAE Power Centers are perfect for offgrid living or AC coupling with a grid-tied system anywhere.
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