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Discontinued Product

Wholesale Solar no longer offers the Advanced Energy PVP75kW-480V PV Powered Inverter Inverter

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Advanced Energy PVP75kW-480V PV Powered Inverter Inverter

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Advanced Energy:
  • High CEC Efficiency Ratings
  • Made in USA

Product Information

Model Part No. Watts Input
Type Price
Advanced Energy PVP75kW-480V PV Powered Inverter Inverter293832575000W480VAC


The PV Powered 75kW and 100kW inverters set the industry standard for high reliability, ease of installation and maintainability. Improving on their 20 year design, PV Powered has added new reliability features including bus bars for all power connections, a sealed electronics module and an instrumented cooling system. These highly-integrated systems are designed to save commercial installers time and money with load-rated AC & DC service disconnects, certification for installation without a neutral conductor, cable landing points sized for maximum NEC-compliant cables and a well-planned cable bending radius for top, bottom and side cable entry options. PV Powered 's 75kW and 100kW commercial inverters offer 96% efficiency and a voltage window of 295-600VDC. This is the widest operating range with the lowest standard MPPT voltage of any three-phase inverter in the industry. This provides exceptional stringing capability with all PV modules currently available including new thin film modules. Serviceability is enhanced by a modular design that divides the inverter into easy-to-maintain subsystems. PV Powered backs all their inverters with a 10-year nationwide warranty and an unprecedented optional 20-year warranty. If you're just getting started with solar and need to know some inverter basics, click here.Back to Top

Features & Attributes

  • Engineered power connections eliminate failure points
  • • Advanced, high-reliability circuit board system
  • • Innovative cooling system ensures long IGBT life
  • • Industrial-grade power supply for long-life and high quality control power
  • * Exceptionally easy to install with bottom, top and side cable entry , generous cable bending area
  • * Complete range of fused DC sub-combiner options
  • * Exterior mounting flange for fast and easy anchoring
  • * Error-free AC auto-phasing
  • * Easy to Maintain - All maintenance and service via front access
  • * Load-rated AC and DC service disconnects
  • * Positive-locking, tool-free circuit board cage
  • * Optional preventative maintenance program and extended warranty
  • MPN: PVP75kW-480V
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Advanced Energy PVP75kW-480V PV Powered Inverter Inverter

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