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Discontinued Product

Wholesale Solar no longer offers the MidNite Solar Classic LITE 200 MPPT Charge Controller

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MidNite Solar Classic LITE 200 MPPT Charge Controller

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MidNite Solar Charge Controllers:
  • Most powerful, full-featured MPPT charge controllers on the market

Product Information

Model Part No. Battery Bank
Voltage (Volts DC)
Max Current Output
Per Controller
Size & Weight Price
MidNite Solar Classic LITE 200 MPPT Charge Controller390014312/24/48VDC[email protected] [email protected]&48V [email protected]14.9 × 6 × 4 in
12 lbs
Do you have questions about our Midnite Solar charge controllers, or questions about solar in general? Give us a call at 1-800-472-1142.


What are the benefits of the Midnite Solar Classic Lite Charge Controller?

    • The American-made Classic Lite offers a pulse pounding output up to 96 amps. The Classic 150 offers up to 96 amps. The Classic 200 ranges to 79 amps, and the Classic 250 to 63 amps. With the Classic Lite, you won't need another charge controller.

    • Its HyperVOC Technology affords more voltage headroom than any other charge controller. In clear cold weather, your solar panels may possibly output higher voltages, which can exceed the voltage capacity of your controller. HyperVOC Technology will provide added protection during these clear cold weather conditions. No other MPPT charge controller offers protection from exceeding the voltage capacity. In fact, most competitors will actually void your controller's warranty if the voltage capacity has been exceeded. 

    • The Classic Lite has six easy-to-read LED lights that indicate its mode of operation. They include current limit, ground fault, bulk, absorption, float, equalize and resting. Its user friendly dip switches can be used to select the appropriate voltage for your battery banks. 

    • The Classic Lite also allows for 380 days of daily data logging, which can be viewed on your PC via the local network. 


  • The new Lite can be upgraded to add the graphic display panel (MNGP) that comes with the standard classic and can be used in conjunction with existing LED panels. If the Lite is networked with a standard Classic, the MNGP on the standard Classic can be used to program the Lite. 

What's the difference between the regular Classic and the Lite?
Midnite Solar's Classic Lite MPPT Charge Controller offers the same superior performance and protection as the regular Classic, but comes with a better price tag. The Classic Lite comes with an LED panel with switches instead of the graphical display. The Lite also does not offer the Arc Fault Protection that comes with the standard Classic. 

Call a Wholesale Solar technician at 1-800-472-1142 to find out more about Midnite Solar's new Classic Lite Charge Controller. 

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Features & Attributes

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.9 × 6 × 4 inches
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
  • Battery Charge voltage of 12-93 volts
  • Less expensive than the standard Classic
  • Dip switch programming
  • LED indicators for Bulk, Absorb, Float, EQ and Errors
  • Manual and Auto EQ
  • Full Internet capability
  • 150, 200 and 250V operating voltages
  • Exclusive hyperVOC extends VOC limits
  • 12-48V battery charging standard
  • Solar and hydro MPPT modes
  • Ethernet, USB and RS232
  • Works with standard Classic Midnite's Graphic Display (MNGP) as a remote display
  • 380 days of data logging with 12 parameters
  • Perfect for multiple Classic installations
  • ETL Listed for the U.S. & Canada
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MidNite Solar Classic LITE 200 MPPT Charge Controller

Product Manual
Installation Manual
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MidNite Solar Classic LITE 200 MPPT Charge Controller

About MidNite Solar

Born in the USA

The design and manufacturing of MidNite Solar's products is done at company headquarters in Arlington, Washington, and all qualify as "Made in America". MidNite Solar specializes in renewable-energy-specific electrical components such as the Classic MPPT Charge Controller, a wide range of combiner and disconnect boxes, lightning arrestors and circuit breakers.
The engineers are constantly designing and building products to meet and exceed the ever-changing electrical codes. The new MidNite Solar Birdhouse Emergency Disconnect Switch is a great example, it satisfies future codes requiring system owners to install a disconnect switch that emergency personnel can quickly and easily operate.

Advanced Charge Controllers

The MPPT charge controllers produced by MidNite Solar incorporate some of the industry's most advanced features. The Classic MPPT Charge Controller is the first charge controller to include arc fault protection making it the safest available charge controller on the market. These versatile charge controllers can accept multiple types of DC inputs including solar, wind, hydro and other DC power sources. Available in a wide variety of sizes, there is sure to be a charge controller from MidNite Solar that will fit your system perfectly.

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