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IronRidge FlashFoot 2 Kit Single, Black Bonded

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IronRidge Racking:
  • High wind/snow load ratings

    Constructed from the highest quality aluminum and stainless steel

Product Information

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IronRidge FlashFoot 2 Kit Single, Black Bonded6404206
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IronRidge FlashFoot2

IronRidge’s Flashfoot 2 composition shingle flashing improves on the previous generation’s design with superior strength and waterproofing. This is the best solution we’ve seen so far for attaching IronRidge roof-mount racking to a composition shingle roof. The Flashfoot2 includes an aluminum flashing, lag bolt, and a capfoot which acts as the L-foot, attaching IronRidge XR rails directly to the Flashfoot for maximum strength. The capfoot base is raised above the flashing to prevent the ingress of water and there is an extra EPDM backed washer for an added layer of protection.

The FlashFoot2 benefits from IronRidge’s extensive experience in solar racking design and engineering. It is easier to install compared to the competition and still offers the strength and waterproofing necessary for it to last decades.

Note: hardware for connecting the Flashfoot 2 to a rail is not included, see related items.
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Features & Attributes

  • Includes flashing (black finish), capfoot, EPDM washer and stainless steel lag bolt
  • MPN: FF2-01-B1
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IronRidge FlashFoot 2 Kit Single, Black Bonded

Spec. Sheet
Installation Manual
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